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Boult Company Belongs To Which Country? Is Boult A Chinese Company?

Fitness earphones
These earphones are designed for use while participating in sports or other physical activities. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have a snug fit design that does not interfere with physical activities.
Models include Probuds, Musebuds, Tru5ive Pro, and Buster.
Gaming earphones
These earphones have low latency and are ideal for gaming. Low-latency refers to a minimal delay in data processing over a network connection, ensuring minimal delay in audio while playing video games.
TrueBuds, Powerbuds, Ranger, Thunder, and Tru5ive Pro are some of the models available.
Travel earphones
Travel earphones are designed for people who travel frequently and require earphones that are easy to transport, have a long battery life, and provide all-day comfort.
Models include the LiveBuds, Trubuds, Tru5ive Pro, Fluid X, and Curve Pro.
Free Movement earphones
True Wireless Earphones have no cords, giving users complete mobility. They are well-suited to a wide range of users, including commuters, professionals, and athletes.
Models include the Freepods, Livebuds, Truebuds, and Propods.
Music experience
All Boult Audio products have been sound-engineered by industry experts who are both professionals and consumers who understand the nuances of acoustics. All Boult Audio earphones have a signature sound that adds a punch of low frequencies without distorting the acoustics.
Models include Livebuds, Truebuds, Zigbuds, Fluid X, Flex, and Curve Pro.