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Spot gets footloose in a factory in Boston Dynamics’ latest video

Spot, the most popular four-legged robot in the world, sometimes looks more like animatronic entertainment than an industrial machine. But the creators of Boston Dynamic want to remind the whole world of a new look that this item can also work.

The new Spot site, titled “No Time to Play,” features a quad-core bot that performs various tasks on a factory site. Spot takes measurement readings, uses an infrared camera to photograph certain devices, and creates work orders for human workers. And, yeah, and then she does a little dance as well.

It’s a sleek look – a testament to Boston Dynamics ’ability to make a robot tested for use in both military and law enforcement looks beautiful and harmless. (And fairly: it is is harmless. Here are some ways in which people can use stress.)

Video is really a way to show a a lot of small but useful upgrades that Boston Dynamics announces Spot: The robot of five stereo cameras is now producing full color images; The tablet control has been upgraded to a Samsung unit with a larger screen, longer battery life, and a richer case; has a new promotion module; and has a new chip-transfer technology for high-speed AI on devices and 5G compatibility. (The hungry person among you: the module is Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX with – if BD is using the standard loadout – 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​cores Tensor, and 6 Arm CPUs.)

Again, all of this is to remind you that Spot is a tool, not a toy. And she is looking for a job.

You can check out the new features in more detail below: