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Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites [2021]

With the growing number of worldwide web content, web archiving is getting higher demand. Internet archiving preserves digital artifacts, and thus anyone will get an overview of how the website looked earlier. Millions of people use the Wayback machine to find web archiving information. It lets you see how the web started and its evolution. In other words, the Wayback Machine shows the indexed website history. While it has lots of usefulness, it does hold a few disadvantages. For instance, it becomes slow and goes unresponsive on crawlable websites. It sometimes restricts you from taking control of the pages it had captured. In any such scenario, you shall look for Wayback Machine alternative sites. Among the big list, you will be dealing with the best of Wayback Machine alternatives worth using.

Wayback Machine Alternative

You can consider replacing the Wayback Machine with any of our recommendations given below.

Stillio – #Best Wayback Machine Alternative

  • 14-day free trial. Price starts from $29/mo.

If you want a reliable archiving tool, Stillio works excellent. It is a Wayback Machine alternative and is all about capturing full-size screenshots of the webpage in PNG format. With Stillio, you can see everything like text, images, videos, graphs, and more accurately.

Stillio - Wayback Machine Alternative

It is an automated screenshot scheduling and managing tool. You can set time intervals like an hour, day, week, month, and the screenshot. It can capture hundreds of URLs all at once in a few minutes. For easy retrieval, it sets all the URL grouped by domain automatically. It offers customization options and thus ensures the most accurate captures. – Most Used Wayback Machine Alternative

Wayback alternative option includes the site, a popular web archiving site. It is all about storing the screenshots of the web pages. The most interesting thing is it keeps the snapshots even if the original page gets lost. - Wayback Machine Alternative

When the user requests, it captures individual pages. Currently, it records text, images, spreadsheets, XML, and non-static contents. keeps a short and reliable link to an unaltered record of any page.

Domain Tools

  • Costs $99/mo and $995/yr.

If you want an advanced Wayback Machine alternative, choose Domain Tools. It gives you access to the history of any website with ease. Domain Tools lets you view the screenshot history of the website. So, you will get a clear view of the web sites design and all other information.

Domain Tools - Wayback Machine Alternative

Besides, it gives access to the website’s IP address, hosting history, records, and more. Overall, it is a handy and advanced web archiving tool when used properly.


iTools is quite a different Wayback Machine alternative. It brings you complete information about the website. This includes contact info, Alexa rating, website traffic, reputation, and more. iTools can be used as a website archiver and analyzer.


Hence, you will find all the common website analytics tools. iTools will bring you the website competitors. It is one best tool if you want something other than screenshots.

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Get PageFreezer, a Wayback Machine alternative that uses crawling tech just like Google. It uses a fully automated process to take screenshots of the web pages. Users will get access to dynamic web content in real-time. Its other features include live browsing, digital signature, web page comparison, and more.

PageFreezer - Wayback Machine Alternative

It keeps track of the risks for corporations and financial services. PageFreezer lets users collect as well as manage the online content. It will even let you see the competitors of the website.


TimeTravel is all about upgraded internet archiving. It is one best Wayback Machine alternatives with an easy-to-use design. TimeTravel will search the entire server and brings the webpage you are looking for.


It will bring components of the page based on the request you made. The components include text, images, style sheets, and more. The greatest advantage is the users can search for the archived web content of any period.


Amazon-owned Alexa is one of the Wayback Machine alternatives. It does the best of website archiving and has a complete history of websites. In specific, the information includes website ranking, keyword research, past visits data, and more.

Alexa - Wayback Machine Alternative

Alexa provides the most competitive analysis with information on keyword research and site ranking. It provides insights that go beyond competition. Users can access traffic statistics, Alex rank, benchmarking, matrix, etc.


A simple-to-use Wayback Machine alternative includes Yubnub. It works more similar to a search engine and gives all the details about a business-related website. Yubnub is referred to as a social command line for the web.


With Yubnub, users shall develop and use commands that are linked to web pages and internet services. It is entirely a user-friendly Wayback Machine replacement with a decent feature set.

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A never-to-miss Wayback alternative includes It is an easy and simple-to-use tool that will create permanent website records. With, users can view archived records, create Parma, and more. Get the option to upload an image or PDF file when the preservation fails. - Wayback Machine Alternative is all about creating permanent, reliable, and unaltered links to online sources. With a tired subscription, users can access permalinks with ease. The built-in libraries will preserve all your digital records forever.

That’s our handpicked Wayback Machine Alternative recommendations. If you have any questions, you shall leave a comment below.