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VU Past Papers for Final Term and Mids

If you need VU Assistance for final term VU past papers and midterm, this article is for you too, and their solutions. I share all VU past papers with you by Moaaz, Waqar Siddhu, and some other shared material. You have to read it thoroughly and clear your concepts. Don’t just “Ratta” it.

Everyone knows Virtual University is a “Virtually Conducted” University, where you have to learn by yourself. Yes, no one will assist you by putting food in your mouth!

As well, VU is Pakistan’s first based on modern Information and Communication Technology. It was established in 2002 by the Pakistani government as its primary goal. The University is well-known for its online lecture and broadcasts specific programs. It is independent of the physical position of its students.

Back to the point, I’ll also share some important lectures and lectures playlists. Below you can see Jump Links, which is linked to your choice of subject. You can tap or click on your subject, which VU past papers you were looking for.

Important News Notification of VU

For more info, check out the official VU site.

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VU Past Papers

I’ve tried to share all past papers for your VU mids and final term exams, do your best to learn from it. Moreover, if your desired subject’s past papers are not in the table list, reach us at We’ll reply to you within 24 hours!

How to Get Full Marks in VU Quizzes?

Getting full marks on the VU quiz is easy if you’re watching each lecture regularly. But, for jobbies, it is not easy to manage watching lectures daily. So, how to get full marks on the VU quiz?

That’s the question many of you are asking, and the answer is simple, you need to watch short lectures from Youtube of lectures in your quiz (2 or 3 lectures). When you do 2-3 quizzes in each subject, you’ll automatically feel motivated for the final terms and mids too.

On the other hand, you can do cheating, but it is not a permanent solution! You have to do learning at the end of passing the semester. As you all know, there are no chances for cheating on the VU campus for exams.

How to Attempt Paper in VU

If you want to know how to attempt the paper in VU final exams, I’d suggest first watching this tutorial.

If you don’t spend your precious time watching the full video, consider reading this 1min paragraph!

On your campus, You’ll see a computer that is at your roll, no seat. Then, when you open internet explorer or chrome on your computer, you need to enter your exam ID and password. Student Exam ID and password is in your roll, no-slip.

Furthermore, you have to select 1 option from the bottom right corner, click ‘save’ to save your quiz option, and move to the next question. When you do finish all the questions, then finish your exam.

I hope this guide helps you!

Happy Learning!