Best Tumblr Alternatives for Blogging and Writing

Tumblr, like Twitter, is a microblogging application and a social networking site. With the Tumblr app, you can connect with people of your interests. The difference from other social media sites is its free-form nature of the site and allows the users to customize their contents. Though the app is great, it significantly lost its followers due to various reasons. So people started searching for alternatives. If you are one among them, check out the 12 best Tumblr alternatives to check out.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Pillowfort
  • Reddit
  • DevianArt
  • Medium
  • Mastodon
  • Posthaven
  • Ghost
  • Typepad
  • Site123

1. WordPress

If we are bringing in the blog platform, it is impossible to move forward without mentioning WordPress. It is an outstanding platform for bloggers, e-commerce, business, news, photography, and music. WordPress is one of the best and powerful Tumblr alternatives.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

It features a free and open script-based Content Management System which you could install on a web server. With various themes, functionalities, and enhancing plugins the WordPress can be customized according to your needs. It also includes multi-user support, social network integration, SEO, customer tags, and categories.

Website: WordPress

2. Blogger

The next best Tumblr alternative is the Blogger. It is owned by Google and one of the best and easiest blogging platforms around. When compared to WordPress, Blogger has lesser themes and plugins. Still, the user will be getting other options like viewing stats, traffic sources, monthly page views, and more.


Blogger has a simple web-based post editor. And it allows the users to have 100 blogs per account. With Blogger, you can easily monetize your blog as it has got full integration with Google AdSense. The UI also updated recently. But then the downside is the user cannot host a blog on a web server. If the user has a custom domain, then they have to use DNS Functionality to redirect to the blog.

Website: Blogger

3. Pillowfort

After the ban of NSFW contents at work, Pillowfort is becoming more of the best Tumblr alternative. The platform was created based on the user’s complaints about other platforms. Pillowfort has got an intuitive user interface and still in the beta version.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

The users can start using Pillowfort as a demo user but require a fee to register. Pillowfort offers various updated and new generation features. It allows users to explore their creativity.

Website: Pillowfort

4. Reddit

Reddit is in the market for around 12 years and acts as the best alternative for Tumblr. In Reddit, a user can post their own thoughts without any restriction. The user can post them as blogs, and they are allowed to share links, audio, and videos. It also has a community where people of like interests will come and communicate with each other.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

The followers can post their reviews for the posts you share. Though it is entirely not a blogging website, it does have similar features and functionalities. Moreover, it also allows users to brainstorm various related topics.

Website: Reddit

5. is an exact replica of Tumblr in terms of user interface and functionalities. It offers users the same multimedia support just like Tumblr, like text, quotes, images, videos, and gifs. It directly imports posts from social networks like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. is the best microblogging Tumblr alternative with all necessary features and nothing fancier. You can find groups with similar interests where the user can post in order to create a collaborative stream of posts. is suitable for those young bloggers looking for simple blogging and repost of content.


6. DevianArt

DevianArt is one of the best Tumblr alternatives that suit those who are looking forward to artworks. DevianArt is a niche community for exploring arts and related content. It offers a very minimal set of features that are entirely dedicated to creative stuff. Hand drawings, literature, poetry collections are quite impressive.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

In DevianArt, you can find various interesting fanfictions. The platform is best suited for those who designs and artwork creators. It does have got its own drawbacks. DevianArt is limited to sharing and exploring only artwork.

Website: DevianArt

7. Medium

The next Tumblr alternative is Medium. The main focus of the Medium is the quality of contents which makes it distinctive from others. It entirely focuses on how the published contents connect with the readers.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

Moreover, Medium features a minimalistic text editor. And supports various features like keyboard shortcuts and sharing links. It also allows users to share links, set visibilities, and tags for the articles. The user could also be able to tag and follow other authors.

Website: Medium

8. Mastodon

Mastodon is a combination of both Tumblr and Twitter. Like you do on Twitter, you will be able to create posts on sites, follow each other, etc. Likewise, as in Tumblr, you will be able to make posts on Mastodon. And it also allows others to like and comment on your posts, repost them, and more.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

Mastodon also supports hotkeys which allows you to create posts easily and do more functions with the keyboard shortcuts. The UI of Mastodon is just like Tumblr with quite differences. The service is decentralized and already has got a wide user-base. In the beginning, it will take some time to learn. It is suitable for people who are looking for ad-free social networking sites.

Website: Mastodon

9. Posthaven

Posthaven doesn’t offer any free trial or service. If you want to use the service, you will need to pay $5/blog. It has got a minimal yet balanced set of features. The feature set includes password-protected blogs, email notifications for blog activities. The posts on Posthaven can have documents, audio, and video content.


Posthaven has got its own limitations. There is sparse information on the website, and there are no monetizing opportunities. It is suitable for those who are looking for a simple and reliable platform.

Website: Posthaven

10. Ghost

Ghost is one of the fastest and responsive blogging platforms. And it acts as a perfect and the best Tumblr alternatives. Ghost is totally based on the Node.js run time environment. It is simply a blogging platform that is created with the main intention to make writing and publishing simple.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

It does offer two variants of services. One is the webserver hosted pack that starts at $19/month, and another one is a self-hosted one at $5-10/month. Moreover, it is in the development phase with features like third-party applications, post analytics, and developer tools. The platform is suitable for the user who doesn’t want to format contents and wants to enjoy the ease of setting up.

Website: Ghost

11. Typepad

The next powerful tool on the list of the best Tumblr alternatives is Typepad. Typepad is used by major giants to host their blogs such as ABC, BBC, and MSNBC. It features the best analytics tools that include CSS-based theme editing, Google Analytics, and more. Moreover, it does promote blogs on its own network that increases the garnering traffic.


With Typepad, you can import posts from WordPress and also map custom domains. It is a bit expensive with the plan starting from $8.95/month. Typepad is suitable for bloggers who are looking for an established platform.

Website: Typepad

12. Site123

With various solid collections of websites, Site123 is one of the best Tumblr alternatives. You are able to create more customized and pretty-looking websites. Site123 is very easy to use and even allows users to create a custom domain for online business. You can create an online store and use a website builder to give your website a different look.


Site123 is useful to those looking forward to creating a blog with more tools and features. Site123 has got its own limitations, and there are no pro tools for enough customization. It does allow you to customize the name for your online business for free.

Website: Site123

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These are the best Tumblr alternatives that you can use for your blogging and writing. Pick a platform that suits your writing style and your preference. Share your best Tumblr alternative in the comments below.