Best Texting Apps for Android Device [Free & Premium App]

Communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life, and connecting with friends and family has become a lot simpler in the tech era. One of the popular ways of communicating is texting. Texting has multigenerational appeal, and it is not just for the younger generations. For texting, there are a lot of texting apps available with which you can share messages for free. They help us to send instant messages and connect over WIFI or the internet. In addition, most texting apps enable a richer media experience than traditional texting and integrate with many social sharing functionalities. In this article, let us look at the most used 12 best texting apps for Android smartphones.

12 best texting app for Android are as follows.

  1. Google Messages
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Textra SMS
  4. Chomp SMS
  5. QKSMS
  6. Pulse SMS
  7. SMS Organizer
  8. Facebook Messenger
  9. Mood Messenger
  10. Signal Private Messenger
  11. Yaata SMS
  12. Next SMS

12 Best Texting App for Android

Google Messages

google messages

The Messages app is one of the best texting apps for Android from Google. The app is in-built on most of the devices. With this app, you can send a text message to anyone. You can send pictures, GIFS, emojis, stickers, videos, and audio messages along with the text. Further, you can also send group messages. And the app has instant notifications and smart replies to make your texting faster. You can also share your pictures and videos easily using the Messages app. Furthermore, you can send and receive payments with Google Pay. It offers a powerful search function. With that, you search for contact easily to send messages. If you receive a message over a WiFi network, you will know the details of when friends are typing and when they read the messages.

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WhatsApp is one of the best texting app for android

Everyone in the world knows about WhatsApp, one of the most popular texting apps nowadays. The app is available in almost 180 countries. Anyone can use WhatsApp as it is simple to use and it offers a lot of features. Your messages are being secured with end-to-end encryption. Further, you can send messages with emojis available on the app, and it even lets you send voice messages as well. Along with texting, you can make audio and video calls on WhatsApp. It supports making group calls with up to 8 people for free. Furthermore, you can share your location on this app. The most recently added feature is, making payments on this app.

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Textra SMS

textra sms is one of the best texting app for android

The next best texting app for Android is Textra SMS. The app is designed beautifully, and even freshers can feel the freshness of the app. The best feature of this texting app is threaded conversations support. The swipe support on each message or thread offers two options. Tapping on each conversation will open up the conversation thread. Further, it offers you a lot of powerful customization tools for a texting app. By default, it substitutes its own font for the system font, but you can change it to the system fault. Additionally, you can also customize your preferred theme and bubble colors, signatures, and notifications per conversation as well. Overall, the Textra SMS app is simple, beautiful, and fast.

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Chomp SMS

chomp sms is one of the best texting app for android

Chomp is ultra customizable and one of the best texting apps for Android devices. It comes with a lot of features and thus makes your SMS conversation simpler and faster. The users can send free messages using this application and the available internet connection to their friends and buddies who are using the same application. You get features like passcode lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS sender, stop a text while sending, backup, signatures, and more on this texting app. In addition, you get unlimited customization options when receiving messages. With the app, you can send messages with emojis as well. Chomp is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText, and Android wear for desktop notifications and replying.

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qksms is one of the best texting app for android

QKSMS is a colorful and modern texting app for Android. It is an open-source and easy-to-use texting app. On this app, when you receive a message, a window will pop up that has the images and allows answering it from there, without having to open the app. Further, the users can set different notification settings per user, and it will help you find out who is messaging without having to look at the actual message. Furthermore, it includes a dark and light theme available within the settings that can be switched depending on how light is around one when using the app. You can communicate with large groups at the same time. Moreover, the app allows you to schedule messages to send later. The app offers support for TalkBack and Samsung Voice Assistant.

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Pulse SMS

pulse sms is one of the best texting app for android

Pulse SMS is a premium Android texting app. Using this app, you can customize each conversation. It comes with a good material design UI, and it is an open-source texting app. Pulse SMS allows you to select multiple messages in a conversation thread. You can delete them or share them with other chat apps too. Further, the search function is available on the app, and it is very fast. The app displays the full message containing the term. And it offers you smart replies with conversations, and you can share GIFs with your messages. Moreover, it backups the message automatically and restore it with a Pulse SMS account. The app has unparalleled design and fluid animations to use.

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SMS Organizer

SMS organizer is one of the best texting app for android

SMS Organizer yet another best texting apps for Android by Microsoft. It offers a lot of messages while sending and receiving the message. It has a feature called label organizer, as the name suggests. The app includes a floating button at the bottom for starting a new chat. It offers a completely new interface. SMS Organizer gives you automatic reminders for upcoming trains, flights, buses, movies, hotel reservations, doctor appointments, and even bill payments. Along with text SMS, you can also send voice messages using the SMS Organizer app. You can also make use of the dark theme available in the app. You can personalize the app as you like. Moreover, the features can be used without the internet as well.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Facebook is another best way to text with your friends and family members. You can chat over text, SMS, video, voice, or encrypted messaging. There are layers of features in Messenger that make the app easy to use, efficient and fun. With this app, you can make traditional voice-to-voice phone calls or video calls. You can use the dark mode to protect your eyes. In addition to text messages, you can also send voice messages as well. Further, you can share unlimited files with your friends. If you are using Facebook Messenger from the US, you can send and receive money more securely. To make your chat more personal, you can choose from the themes and colors. You can connect with your Instagram friends right from Messenger. On the whole, this is a must-have texting app on your Android smartphone.

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Mood Messenger

mood messenger

Mood Messenger gives you a completely different way of communication. It offers a lot of unique features to use. With the emojis available, you can send messages according to your mood, and thus, you needless to search for an emoji. You can just type a word, and you will get a smiley according to that. Further, you can customize the colors and shapes of the message bubbles, font, background, emojis, smileys, notification sound, and more. The best feature of this texting app is sending and watching YouTube videos through SMS directly from this app. Additionally, you can also share your real-time location and send the map of your meeting place. Using this app, you can switch your conversation to private mode so that no one can see your messages.

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Signal Private Messenger

signal private messenger

The Signal and Private Messenger app is a safe and secure messaging app for Android smartphones. The app makes your private communication simple. It uses end-to-end encryption to securely communicate with other Signal users. Signal offers a full range for personal secure messaging. It logs the minimum amount of data and does not log the IP addresses. Further, it focuses on individual users. With secure messaging, you can make voice calls, group chats, video calls, and even stickers. If you are tired of typing, record and send audio messages with this app. Signal delivers the messages quickly and reliably. The app is generally considered the most secure messaging app in existence.

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Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS is yet another best texting apps for Android. It has got really good rating points and reviews. The app can be personalized and configured to your interest. With your text message, you can also send pictures, videos, VCards, and GIFs. Further, the app comes with a user-friendly interface, so even beginners can use the app easily. And the app allows you to get a delivery report for the SMS and MMS sent. The amazing feature of this app is, you can convert your SMS to MMS. You get features like scheduling message, speakerphone mode, night mode, blacklisting, copy and paste select text, auto-forward, auto-responder, etc., with a premium version.

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Next SMS

next SMS is one of the best texting app for Android

The last best messaging app for Android is the Handcent Next SMS texting app. The app provides a lot of features for texting your friends. On this app, splitting a group is a great option, so that follow-up can be personal and not everyone sees every response. Here, you get free cloud backup, so needless to worry about long texts. Further, you also get lots of stickers, emojis, and gifs to choose from while sending messages. Moreover, you also get support for your Android wears device too. Next SMS even allows you to share multimedia messages with your friends. You get quick reply text messages within a pop-up window, and the messages you are sending are being protected with end-end encryption.

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Texting is always better when you communicate with others. In research, it is said that about 90%percentage of the messages of viewed in 3 minutes. Go through the information about the texting apps for Android that are explained in this article to find the app as per your need. Then, comment us the best texting app that you have selected for your Android smartphone.