Best Steam Alternatives You Should Try to Buy Games Online

Video games are the most popular, and they contribute to the expansion of the entertainment industry. There are lots of digital distribution services available to download or buy video games. Among them, Steam is the ultimate choice of all other online game platforms. It is a cloud-based gaming library. Further, it gives the ability for users to use any computer to play games that they buy or download to their Steam accounts. Moreover, the users can store a large collection of games without occupying too much computer memory. However, they are some best alternatives available for Steam. Let us know in detail about the best Steam alternatives from this article.

14 Best Steam Alternatives are as follows.

  1. GOG (Good Old Games)
  2. Origin
  3. G2A
  4. Humble Bundle
  5. GreenMan Gaming
  6. Microsoft Store
  8. Epic Game Store
  9. Uplay
  10. GamersGate
  11. Fanatical
  12. Direct2Drive
  13. Blizzard
  14. Game Jolt

Best Steam Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives you can consider instead of Steam are listed down in no particular order.

GOG (Good Old Games)

The first best Steam alternative is GOG, a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It lets the users buy popular games at a reasonable price and is available on Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux users. Further, GOG offers DRM-free video games that you can download to a CD. GOG is the best option for old-school gamers because it provides updated versions of classic games from the last two decades. But, the only disadvantage of GOG is, it doesn’t have an extensive collection of games as Steam has. Some of the popular games are Star Wars Episode 1:Racer, the original Diablo, and the Blade Runner adventure game.

GOG is one of the best steam alternatives
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Origin is another best service to purchase and play video games. It works on PC and mobile platforms. Further, it offers features like profile management, networking with friends with chat, direct game joining, and more. On this site, you can buy games from Electronic Arts catalogs. The best feature of Origin is, you can download the game for a lifetime once you have purchased it. Further, you can play the demo games on your web browser, which is limited to EA games. Further, it gives a friends list for playing online, which is good for a system with any selection of multiplayer games. And pricing is the same as retail PC games.

origin is one of the best steam alternatives
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On the best Steam alternatives list, the next one we are going to see is G2A. It was founded in 2010 to provide game licenses and retail services to customers. Later, it offered gift cards and game keys for Steam, Origin, and other major platforms. You should know that G2A doesn’t buy or sell digital products. Instead, it acts as a marketplace. Here, the customers can sell games at the decided price. Further, it offers both digital and physical products to buy. The main focus of G2A is the gaming world. You can purchase the game at a lower price. It comes with a money-back guarantee which can be used if something happens wrong. So, G2A is a reliable website, and it is one of the best alternatives for Steam service. You can even make money using the Goldmine programs.

G2A is one of the best steam alternatives
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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has a huge collection of games that are sold at a price determined by the purchaser. With the monthly program, you can get additional discounts on the website. Further, Humble Bundle supports a number of charities, including Action Against Hunger and Child’s Play. You can purchase available bundles or even purchase individual games. If you access Humble Trove, you will get a collection of more than 90 DRM-free titles. Once you download the games, you can use them for a lifetime.

humble bundle
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GreenMan Gaming

GreenMan Gaming is a British-based online video game retailer. It offers more than 9000 games from around 1500 publishers. The best three reasons to go for GreenMan Gaming are regional pricing, offers discounts, and gives valid keys. Further, GreenMan Gaming source is the game from the official publishers. If you get any issues, you can always contact the support team. You can get your keys instantly for back-catalog games. With the fast and secure payment system, you can purchase the game securely. Further, it gives affiliate programs for content creators.

greenman gaming
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Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a well-known and best Steam alternatives. When you open the website, you can tap the Games tab to get the collection of games. You will find lots of popular games on this website. Using its user-friendly interface, you can search for the games that you want to purchase. The categories and rating filters will help you to find the games soon. You can purchase the games with Xbox Game Pass. Here, you will find classic games like Forza Horizon 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. You can also buy games through Xbox Live.

microsoft store
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Yet, another best option Steam alternative is It allows the users to sell, download and host indie games. Further, it includes fantastic tools for buyers and sellers alike. offers an optional but robust desktop client. It lets players install and launch games in their collection. As of now, over 100,000 games have been uploaded to the website. And they also browser user-created catalogs and bundles. It offers a lot of unique features to the customers. Further, it gives the ability to design a page where people can download games you have uploaded. is one of the best steam alternatives
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Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store is a digital video game storefront for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It provides a basic catalog, friends list management, matchmaking, and other features. Epic produces its own games as well as sells some games published by others. It also uses its considerable capital to lock up exclusive deals for certain PC games. Further, Epic faces an uphill battle to get games for its library, while Steam remains the PC gaming default. On Epic, you can access unreleased games like Ashen, World War Z, and more.

epic game store
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Uplay is a popular digital gaming distribution platform which runs by the company Ubisoft. You can find the most patriotic games video games to play with Uplay. And the horror games will make great movies. You can buy the games at reasonable prices. Once you purchase, you can download the game unlimited times. Further, you can play with your friends and start a community to share your thoughts. Every Wednesday, it offers new deals and promotions to purchase the game. You can get 100+ games from classics to new games. It offers a subscription plan which costs $14.99 per month.

uplay is one of the best steam alternatives
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GamersGate is a Sweden-based online video game compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It seels games from around 250 publishers and sellers. There are around 6000 titles that you can purchase from the website. Further, it gives a loyalty program for the users called Blue Coins which has become one of the best customer loyalty programs. GamerGate is very safe to use. It has partnered with game publishers and developers like Atari, Electronic Arts, SEGA, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Capcom, and more. GamersGate has good interface usability and good dependability to use. It even offers discount codes and coupons to its customers occasionally.

gamersgate is one of the best steam alternatives
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Fanatical is a UK-based online video game retailer. It comes with a catalog of 8000 games from 1000 game publishers and developers. Fanatical partners with SEGA, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, Kalypso Media and Codemasters, and more. The price of the game keys is reasonable and sometimes cheaper than Steam, Epic, or Origin. It comes with a simple user interface, which makes the customers browse for games easily. It provides some of the best deals around for PC games. On the whole, Fanatical is one of the best Steam alternatives for PC gamers.

fanatical is one of the best steam alternatives
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Direct2Drive is another online game store that offers to purchase PC games. They offer their own game client that allows you to play games without Steam. It also offers a reward program that grants discounts based on how much you spent on the site. Direct2Drive is also called an IGN game store. It brings the customers high-rated games to buy. It functions like a game manager, GameSpy Comrade, and more. Using this website, you can download and install the games as fast as possible.

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Blizzard is another best Steam alternative that publishes and distributes games from Activision and Blizzard studios. It offers a huge collection of games to purchase. Further, here you can find classic games to new games to play. In the beginning, it focused on the creation of game ports for other studios’ games. You can discover music, theme, trailers, early preview, and more, along with games. You also use this platform to get licenses for your most liked games.

blizzard is one of the best steam alternatives
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Game Jolt

Game Jolt is a social community platform, and it is for video games, gamers, and content creators. If you like to play new and indie games, you can check out the Game Jolt website. The aim of Game Jolt is to create a platform for gamers where the players can find many indie games to play quickly. It offers games in different categories like horror, action, platformer, RPG, and many more. Moreover, on this site, you will find some FNaF games to download. Further, here you also get social media interactions. Unlike Steam, you also get lots of popular games on this website.

game jolt is one of the best steam alternatives
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Playing games is always the best form of entertainment. Hope you were able to know the best Steam alternatives from this article to play video games in different categories. If you want to say anything about this article, make use of the comments section.