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A Password Manager is nothing but a secure vault for storing your all login credentials. Login credentials for apps, websites, banking, and much more can be stored and logged in whenever required with one easy click. By default, all devices have an inbuilt password manager but still, you can install the best password manager on your device. If you are an Android user, then here are the best password managers for Android.

Google Smart Lock – Default Password Manager for Android

Google samrt lock -Best Password manager for Android

You don’t have to install anything separately. It automatically comes with every Android device. Smart Lock works great with Google Chrome browser and other Android apps as well. It saves username, password, and also store credit and debit card information as well.

If you are logging into an account for the first time, the Google Smart lock pops out asking you whether to store the credentials or not. If you have stored the password, next time it will suggest you whenever you to logging in again.

Best Password Managers for Android

Try these best Password managers for Android which you can give a try:

  1. 1Password
  2. AWallet Password Manager
  3. Bitwarden
  4. Dashlane
  5. Enpass
  6. KeepAss2Android
  7. Keeper
  8. LastPass
  9. Password Safe
  10. Password Manager Safe in Cloud



It is a fully-featured Android Password keeper and a most competitive password manager. 1Password includes various features like Password management, Password generation, Autofill feature, and Fingerprint sensing. It supports cross-platform to do the chores in other OS as well. You can also share your content with trusted contacts.

  • Cost – 1-month free trial and after that $2.99 – $4.99 per month. $36 / year for a single user and $60 for family.
  • Play Store Rating – 4.2/5

AWallet Password Manager

AWallet - Best Password manager for Android

It is one of the powerful password managers with an inbuilt search and customs icon along with the auto-lock feature. The inbuilt auto generator will help you in creating passwords if you are a premium user. The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play store. But to use the Premium features, you have to subscribe. It even supports back up and restores.

  • Cost – $21.99/year.
  • Playstore Rating – 4.5/5


Bit Warden - Best Password manager for Android

Bitwarden is one of the best password managers for Android. It has AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2-SHA-256 that prevents brute force attacks. The app is totally free and open source. If you want, you can have your own password server as well. It also has Autofill API for Android devices.

  • Cost – Free (Premium version costs $10/year)
  • Playstore Rating – 4.7/5


Dash Lane - Best Password manager for Android

It is a Powerful Password manager that could support not only Android but also iOS, Windows, and MAC. Dashlane stores password using AES-256 encryption. You can secure all your passwords safely on the vault and manage using a single Password. Security Dashboard, Security Breach alerts, password generation, fingerprint logins are a few of the splendid features available. It doesn’t display any ads.

  • Cost – Free up to first 50 passwords and after that $4.99 – $9.99/month.
  • Playstore Rating – 4.6/5


ENpass - Best Password manager for Android

Enpass is another powerful tool that has its own desktop versions for Mac, Window, and Linux. All other apps save the passwords on cloud whereas Enpass stores it locally and encrypt it. It can be even used to auto-fill passwords on the Google Chrome browser whenever you are using it. You can enjoy the benefits with Google Play pass.

  • Cost – $9.99/Month. It is free for the first 20 passwords and you have to add money to buy additional space.
  • Playstore Rating – 4.4/5


KeepAss2Android - Best Password manager for Android

It is yet another splendid Password manager for Android. KeepAss2Android is more basic when compared to others. But still, it is completely free and open source. It is based on the keepassdroid (Another password manager for Android). This application is completely free and ad-free as well. It also supports two ways of syncing the files stored in Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc.,

  • Cost – Completely free
  • Playstore Rating – 4.6/5


Keeper - Best Password manager for Android

Keeper is one of the oldest existing Password managers. It often come up with frequent updates to enjoy the latest add ons. It has all basic features including an Android auto-fill, a password generator, and a gallery vault where you can save your photos, videos, and files. Keeper is one of the most expensive password managers. It stands out of the box only because of its app design. You can add detailed notes and make custom URLs associated with a custom name as well.

  • Cost – $9.99/month and $99.9/year.
  • Playstore Rating – 4.5/5


Last Pass -Best Password manager for Android

When it comes to password managers, LastPass is one of the mainstream apps. It has a hell lot of features that automatically fill passwords on web browsers, applications, and even on forms. It saves time of switching the Password manager and others. Other unique features are the Fingerprint scanner, password generator and password auditor that enables you to check the password strength. It also grants emergency one-time access to family or friends.

  • Cost – $2-$4/month
  • Playstore Rating – 4.4/5

Password Safe

Password Safe - Best Password manager for Android

Password Safe is like the middle of the road option that is neither great nor low. It doesn’t require any internet requirements so you can feel safe. It saves everything with 256-bit encryption. Password Safe comes with auto back up feature and you can create your one sets of passwords and categorize them accordingly. It has a pro version as well.

  • Cost – $2.99/month pro version $3.99/month.
  • Playstore Rating – 4.6/5

Password Manager Safe in Cloud

Password manager Safe in Cloud - Best Password manager for Android

This app also uses 256 AES encryption. Password Manager Safe in Cloud allows you to save your passwords on your favorite cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, etc., A desktop version is also available for Mac and Windows. You can add a password and analyze its strength as well. It also gives you an estimated time to crack your password. It has a free pro version for 2 weeks.

  • Cost – $7.99 One time payment for a lifetime or $3.99 for two weeks (Pro Version)
  • Playstore Rating – 4.5/5

Other Best Password Managers for Android

  • Log me once
  • Password boss
  • True key
  • Sticky Password
  • Roboform

The above are the best password managers for Android which you can install on your device and secure your credentials. If you thing we have missed any app, then share us about it in the comment section below.