Best Keyloggers for Android for Ultimate Security

Keylogger is also referred to as a spy tool that gathers all the keystrokes made on your Android. It is an essential tool for any Android mobile. It supports recording and sharing all the keystrokes made by the user of the device. With the best Keyloggers for Android, you will be able to monitor and find out the activities done by other users on your mobile. The app records information like web searches to typed messages or anything else that the user typed on your Android device.

Discovering the right keylogger for Android is quite a big deal. Since we could see a huge range of Keylogger apps nowadays, choosing the right one from the wide range of apps would be quite difficult. So to help you on choosing the best Keyloggers for Android, we have come up with the most used and popular Keyloggers. Let us take a look at the best Keyloggers for your Android mobile.

Best Keyloggers for Android

#1 Minspy

best keylogger for android

Minspy is a highly reliable keylogger for Android and works as a powerful parental control solution. Its installation process will be quite simple. If you are trying to sign up on their official website, they will send you a thorough guide for easy installation. By using this app, parents can easily monitor the activities of their children when they use their Android mobiles. It records and shares every keystroke done on your Android mobile.

#2 Spyic

best keylogger for android

Spyic is one of the best spy apps for Android. This advanced monitoring app comes with so many features for easy parental control. By using this app, parents can monitor every activity like calls, texts, locations, and so on. Its dashboard lets you do everything that you need to monitor and control all the activities done by the user on the Android mobile. So, using this app would be the easiest way for parental control.

#3 Safespy

best keylogger for android

Safespy is the most trusted and popular spy app in recent days. Downloading and installing this app is very simple. And using this remote monitoring app is also be simple. By using this versatile Android monitoring app, you can see all keystrokes (i.e., entire data) without the knowledge of the user of your Android Mobile. Anyone can use this app for Android phone monitoring, live tracking, and social media monitoring.

#4 Netspy

best keylogger for android

Netspy is a vulnerability management tool and ultimate administration management software for gathering all the information on your Android mobile. You can hide this app on your Android mobile. Thus the user can’t uninstall this app on your device. By using this app on your Android mobile, you can monitor and control all the keystrokes made in your Android mobile without the knowledge of the user.

#5 GuestSpy

best keylogger for android

GuestSpy is a simple spy application. This app works efficiently on Android mobile. The app can record key logs like monitoring calls, social media, and so on. It comes with a built-in location tracker, so you can easily monitor the user location of your Android anytime. Once you install this app on your Android, you can hide the app, and it will work in the background without any issue. All-in-all it is the best monitoring resolution.

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best keylogger for android

XNSPY is one of the trusted spy tools for Android. The app will work efficiently on all the Android mobile versions. By using this easy-to-use mobile monitoring app on your Android, you can simply watch all the activities like calls, texts, social media apps, and so on. Using this less expensive app on your Android mobile will be the fine choice for tracking family members and employees. They also provide so many subscription plans.

#7 SpyToMobile

Spy Mobile

SpyToMobile app will be the perfect app to track employees. It is uniquely designed for Android devices. It offers a highly significant monitoring option. This app helps to monitor and control activities like call history, text messages, live location, etc. Its dashboard displays everything that you need to monitor and control the activities of the user of your Android mobile. Overall it is a simple-to-use spy app to use on your Android mobile.

#8 Hoverwatch


Howerwatch is a handy Android mobile tracker. This app will be suitable for both parenting control and employee monitoring. It lets you monitor messages, call history, GPS location, and all the other activities that the user does on your Android mobile. You can simply access your Hoverwatch account from any device and monitor the data of your Android mobile activities. After installing this app on your Android, you can enable ‘Invisible mode’ to hide the app.

#9 Flexi Spy

Flexi Spy

Flexi Spy app is an advanced monitoring software for Android. It is an extremely safest app for parental control and other monitoring purposes. Using this app on your Android, you can record calls, read text messages, track live location, and even turn on microphones, take screenshots remotely. Ultimately this application will let you have the whole control over the Android mobile of your kids/employees.

#10 mSpy


mSpy is an advanced parental control software perfectly suitable for Android mobile. It allows you to monitor and log the activity of your Android mobile like phone calls, instant messages, social media activities, a location visited. Some of its features are it lets you remotely monitor and block any websites, manage the key function and settings of your Android mobile, access calendar, contact details, and monitor all the installed apps.

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To Conclude

All the apps we listed here are risk-free, which effectively fetch reliable and real-time data from your Android mobile. We hope this article has given a clear idea on choosing the best Keylogger for Android. So, thoroughly check all the spy tools mentioned above and choose the right spy app for your Android mobile according to the purpose. If any doubts, feel free to comment in the below comment section.