December 2022’S Top Home Internet Deals

Today, it’s hard to imagine living without a reliable internet signal, and if you are constantly interrupted, you understand how frustrating it can be to rely on a weak signal. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to have fast and stable internet at home. The internet is used by many people for work, education, and communication with distant relatives. Streaming movies, sports, and TV shows are all data-hungry activities that require high-speed internet.

Internet deals for home

  • New Verizon Fios customers get a free year of Disney+, as well as Internet plans starting at $40. In addition to the $80/month Fios Gigabit plan, you’ll also receive a free router rental and a free year of Hulu, and you’ll be able to mix and match services to create your own custom bundle.
  • For a limited time, AT&T is offering Internet 1000 Mbps gigabit plans for only $45/month (the same price as the Internet 300 plan). AT&T TV + Internet all-inclusive package includes TV and 300 Mbps internet for $95/month. Unlimited data is included with no extra charges. When you bundle TV and internet, you’ll get a free Visa gift card worth up to $300.
  • With Spectrum Internet plans, you can get speeds of up to 400 Mbps, free modem rental, free antivirus software, and no data caps for only $45/month. Spectrum offers a $500 buyout if you switch to Internet and TV bundles, which start at $95/month.
  • With Xfinity’s 200 Mbps plan, you can get 200 Mbps plus basic TV for an extra $15 per month. With a free self-installation kit, you can save $15 on high-speed internet-only gigabit plans.

Fios via Verizon

There are many benefits to Verizon’s high-speed home internet service, including speeds starting at 100-200 Mbps for $40 per month, and a free year of Disney+ (which goes back to $7 per month after the free year expires). A good value is the $80/month Fios Gigabit plan, which comes with 940 Mbps internet and a free router rental, and Verizon is now letting you build your own internet, TV, and phone package, so you can create a custom package that won’t leave you paying for things you don’t need or want.


In terms of internet and TV bundles, AT&T is a solid option. Fiber optic Internet 1000 plans start at an introductory $40 per month right now, or you can opt for an AT&T TV + Internet bundle for $95, which includes unlimited data allowance for no extra charge (a $30 value). A $300 Visa card is also available to new customers who bundle TV and internet.


Spectrum offers plans ranging from $50 per month up to 400 Mbps, which when viewed alone isn’t a great deal. In exchange for free modem rentals and free antivirus software, the ISP is offering all plans with free modem rentals. A 100 Mbps speed is also offered on the basic plan. Additionally, Spectrum is offering up to $500 for you to get out of a contract with another ISP that you’re unhappy with. TV and internet bundles also start for just $95 per month, which is one of the better deals on this kind of package.

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