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7 Of The Best Earbuds For Phone Calls in 2021

Looking for the Best Earbuds For Phone Calls To Buy in 2021??

Then look no further.

We’ve put together a list of 7 Best Earbuds For Phone Calls in 2021 based on various factors like sound quality, design of the earbuds, size of the earbuds, features of the earbuds, Wired or wireless, Battery life, and of course, Price.

Let’s explore this guide. ?

There is no denying that earbuds or earphones, as they are also called, have made phone calls a breeze. They provide you with great flexibility and excellent audio quality, making them an asset for regular use. 

These days, these earbuds come wireless, hence offering you optimum usage and freedom to use them whenever you want them to.

This is probably why some users are content with the free earbuds they own that they receive when buying a new smartphone. Unfortunately, you do not know what you are missing out on.

Not to mention, the freebies can be harmful to your ears if they do not fit properly. The audio quality can be compromised immensely, leaving you high and= dry. 

The current range of earbuds comes with excellent features and sound quality that we will discuss briefly. This guide will learn more about some of the best earbuds for phone calls in the market. 

Best Earbuds For Phone Calls: Our Top Pick?

The Sony MDRXB50AP is the best earbuds for phone calls as it comes with an excellent design and microphone with bass that makes it the ideal choice for making calls. Your calls are quite audible to the receiver at the other end, who can hear you loud and clear. 

This is an excellent product from the makers of Sony, who are known to produce some of the best electronic gadgets. However, the in-ear tips might not fit the ears of all people. At times, you may need to use different sizes of earbuds. 

Control – The earbuds provide you with adequate control through the controller that is a multi-functional one. It comes with a microphone that helps you make or receive calls.

Not to mention, the knobs are accessible and enable you to decrease or increase the sound. 

Sound quality – The sound quality of the Sony product is quite good, with the help of a magnet driver made from neodymium. These give your speakers great tone and quality. It provides you with deep, powerful bass, and the flow of the sound is not affected one bit. 

Noise isolation – The noise isolation is average. It is perhaps something that the makers might want to work about on an otherwise very excellent product. As it comes made from silicone material, an air-tight seal is created on your ears. 

Of course, you would want to make sure that the ear tips are of the right size for your ears. This will help you immensely with the noise cancellation feature. 

Design – The design of the product is probably one of the main highlights of the earbuds. It is made from plastic and metal. This helps it have a slim and sleek design that also makes it quite durable. 

You will not feel the weight of the earbuds on your ears as they are gentle and light. The product from Sony has made a buzz in the market with multi-functional buttons and a 1.2mg cable.

You can easily make and attend calls without having to remove your smartphone anytime, as long as you have the earbuds on. You can rest assured about the ear tips that they come in 4 sizes that can fit the ears of any size. 


  • The bass on the Sony MDRXB50AP is sweet at the same time, very audible. 
  • The earbuds fit your ears comfortably and are light to wear during sweaty workouts and long walks for several hours. 
  • The pricing is affordable, which makes it an ideal buy for students and young working professionals. 
  • The cable is tangle-free, meaning it won’t be in between your face or legs when performing activities like walking or jogging. 
  • This is a very durable and reliable product from the makers of Sony. 


  • At times, the earbuds stick out of your ears, making them quite uncomfortable to wear. 
  • As the bass is on the higher side, some purists might not consider them. 

2. Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones 

The Mpow Jaws Gen-4 is wireless earbuds that are causing other makers to come up with similar products. Wireless earbuds are becoming more popular than wired earbuds. It is affordable and works quite well. 

Not to mention, it gives the user sufficient flexibility. You will also love the neckband that comes with lightweight earbuds, giving you quick access and use for making or receiving calls. As it is light, you can use it for several hours on the go. 

Sound quality – The earbuds provide you with decent sound quality for their price tag. The highs, lows, and mids are adequately balanced.

You can listen and catch the words without straining. However, when listening to songs, the performance is slightly on the lower side. 

Noise-canceling – The noise cancellation feature of the earbuds is something worth mentioning here. You do not hear the noise in any kind of environment you are based in. This helps you to listen to songs or have conversations comfortably.

The audio quality is impeccable. Please make sure that the ear tips fit your ear correctly to experience the right kind of sound effect. 

Call alert – Another exciting feature of the earbuds is the vibration mode when you receive calls. This enables you to attend to all your calls, irrespective of their calling.

At times, when your smartphone is in the bag or elsewhere, your earbuds vibrate, intimating you of a phone call that you can connect easily through Bluetooth.

Battery life – The battery life of the earbuds is good enough for 13 hours. With ease, you can make calls, receive calls, listen to music for more than 8 hours. It is on par with some of the best available in the market. 

The battery life is an essential feature that one must not neglect when purchasing earbuds. You can also link the earplugs when you are not keen to use them. The magnet locks the earbuds around your neck, preventing them from falling. 

The Mpow Jaws Gen-4 is worth considering, especially when looking for a lightweight, affordable, and decent-quality product.


  • The battery life is decent, serving you at 13 hours, which means you do not have to recharge it often. 
  • A call alert feature vibrates when you have a call, ensuring that you do not miss out on them. 
  • It is flexible and ideal for several functionalities like linking the earplugs when you are not using them. 
  • As the earbuds are lightweight, you can wear them for several hours when performing activities like walking, jogging, or gym. 
  • The noise cancellation works on the earbuds without affecting the sound quality. 
  • It is affordable and makes it an ideal buy for both students and working professionals. 


  • Some users have said that the material is of low quality, which tends to give in. 
  • The audio effect can be better when listening to songs, though it is audible. 

3. Bose QuietComfort 20: best-wired earbuds for phone calls

The Bose QuietComfort 20 is a product from Bose, a German-based firm known to make quality headphones and earbuds. They were the pioneers of noise cancellation, and this product does not fail to live up to its reputation in any way. 

Design – The design of this high-profile product is something that doesn’t need to be spoken about. Bose headphones and earbuds are something of a kind. With a solid build that lasts several years without wear and tear, one cannot compare it to other makes. 

The comfort and ease at which you can perform your activities using the ear tips, like making calls, receiving them, and so on, is unmatched. 

Android compatible – The earbuds are compatible with android devices. You can use it on your Samsung smartphone as well as tablets and other android devices. The buttons provide you with easy usage. 

High audio-quality HD – The audio quality of the earbuds is unmatched as of now—the crystal clear sound received from calls, music, and videos in HD. With the help of tri-port technology, the sound quality is immensely improved. 

Noise-canceling – The noise-canceling features are fantastic in these earbuds. No matter your environment, like a supermarket or on a busy road, you can hear your heartbeat once you switch on the noise cancellation feature. 

Aware mode – The standard method helps you know the environment you are present in once you turn on the awareness mode. The noise cancellation mode is stopped immediately, and you are brought to your reality. 

The ear tips are very soft and comfortable to wear. Users have commended the quality of the material used to produce the ear tips. They are very durable as well as quite comfortable to be worn for long hours without any fatigue. 

If you are looking for comfortable and sturdy noise cancellation best earbuds for phone calls for your android device, then the Bose QuietComfort 20 is the one to get. 


  • The sound and audio quality is unmatchable at the moment in the market. 
  • You can use it on several android devices like Samsung smartphones, tablets, and other devices. 
  • The ear tips are very comfortable to wear for long hours without feeling any fatigue. 
  • The noise cancellation feature is one of the best in the market at the moment. 
  • The battery life is also decent and can last you for more than 10 hours. 


  • The device is quite expensive, and not everybody can consider it for their purchase. 
  • You cannot replace the battery when the component has malfunctioned or not working. 

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4. Soundcore AK-A3451011

The Soundcore AK-A3451011 comes from the stable of Anker. The earbuds provide you with impeccable sound quality and are currently one of the best rated in the market. Not to mention, it is cheaply priced when compared to the Bose or Apple earbuds.

The earbuds are the best earbuds for phone calls as it comes with a high-quality bass for both speaking or listening to somebody and entertainment purposes. The best part about these earbuds is that it is waterproof, meaning you can use them even during the rains. 

Sound quality – The sound quality is unbelievable from earbuds that are priced cheaply. The 10mm speaker drivers provide clear and audible beats with in-house tuning for clear treble and deep bass. 

Waterproof – The soundscore of Anker comes with IPX7 waterproofing. In a sense, it can withstand your sweat as well as rainwater. It is ideal for use in the gym and outdoors, though it is raining or during storms. 

Battery life – The battery life of the earbuds is decent. You can use it for 12 hours at a stretch for talk time. It means you can use the earbuds throughout the day without the need to charge them. 

Design – The design is also good and ensures that you do not have fatigue even though you are wearing them for several hours at a stretch. Hence, you can decide on the suitable fitting depending on the size of your ears. 

The material is also durably made from silicone that is gentle on the ears. Overall, the Soundcore is worth trying out when you expect high-quality sound effects at a low price. They are also waterproof, which enables you to use them during any climatic conditions. 


  • The earbuds are made from soft material and are comfortable to wear for several hours without any fatigue. 
  • They come with an excellent battery life of 13 hours that does not require frequent charging. 
  • It comes with a carry case that lets you take it around safely, ensuring that it does not get damaged. 
  • It is waterproof, enabling you to use it on the go during rains and storms without any worry. 
  • It is cheaply priced, ideal for students and just about anybody who wants to own a decent pair of earbuds. 


  • The sound at times can be very high-pitched, causing discomfort to the ears when listening to music. 
  • The bass sounds average, which can be pretty frustrating when you want to listen to quality music. 

5. AMOR NO HT-01: best true wireless earbuds for phone calls

The Amorno HT-01 has a lot to offer you. One can say that it is one of the most overlooked earbuds in the market, coming with powerful features for a low price. The earbuds are foldable and come with unique features for affordable pricing. 

Sound quality – They can give out well-balanced sound quality. You can make use of the noise cancellation feature that provides you with more clarity and excellent sound. The earbuds make use of Bluetooth 5.0, which increases the quality of audio output. 

Connection – The earbuds are retractable, and you can use Bluetooth connectivity. The v5.0 provides you with excellent performance through the efficient use of energy. You can connect the earbuds to any kind of smartphone of your choice. 

Design – It is foldable and retractable, offering you adequate support when you do not want to use it. You can also adjust the size of the cable that you plan on using. After you have used the earbuds, you can use the retract button, and it will recline on your neck. 

Vibration alert – It comes with a vibrating alert that notifies you when you receive calls at any time. This way, you do not miss out on important calls even when stranded in a noisy environment. 

The Amorno is one of the best earbuds for phone calls because of its portable and wireless headphones. You can easily fold it away when you are not using it. It is price-friendly, making it one of the best if you look for a cheap pair of earphones.


  • The sound is of high quality, meaning you will enjoy listening to songs without problems. 
  • It is waterproof, enabling you to use it during bad weather outdoors without worrying about the device getting damaged. 
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours or sweaty workouts without coming out of your ears. 
  • The device is hands-free, meaning you do not have to worry about those nagging wiring.
  • It is foldable and retractable for optimum usage when you want to make calls or receive them. 


  • The battery should have been able to last you more time because, at times, you feel that it drained out. 
  • Because of that, the charging time is frequent, and you may not use it. 

6. Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the best earbuds for phone calls. It comes with a wide range of features that have been designed to give you excellent wireless comfort. It is an IP56-rated design having a 2-year warranty from dust and sweat.

Design – The design of the Jabra device is snug and comfortable. You feel secure wearing them even for long hours without any fatigue. Not to mention, the Jabra has a very slim and sleek design having three color options for you to choose from.

Connection – The device comes with a 4 MEMS mic that offers you a range of 100 Hz to 10 kHz, which is good enough. It is one of the best frequency ranges on offer in the market at the moment. 

It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that offers you immense flexibility. 

Audio quality – The audio quality is excellent with solid command ability over the voice, and there is also ample protection from wind and noise. So, whether you are standing on the road or are in a supermarket, you can hear the voice on the other end, loud and audible. 

Battery life – The battery life is one of the best features of the earbuds. It can last you for 15 hours, with a  single charge. That means you can use it for two days, at least before placing it for a charge. 

They have also provided you with a charging case for enhanced protection from unwanted wear and tear. 

If you are somebody with an active lifestyle looking for a well-featured, high-quality sound device that is affordable, then the Jabra Jabra Elite Active 65 will not disappoint you. 


  • The earbuds offer you excellent noise isolation capabilities as you are not disturbed during your conversations. 
  • It is a wireless device with no cables that hang around your neck or legs when you walk or exercise.
  • There is a motion sensor on the device that alerts it for activities.
  • The microphones come with a high-quality calling experience for users.
  • The battery life is good, running at 15 hours, giving you ample time for long conversations and music time. 
  • The earbuds come with water and dust protection ensuring that it does not get damaged easily. 
  • It is a very slim and sleek design having three color options for you to choose from. 


  • The earbuds feel slightly loose during lengthy workouts where your sweat might make it come off. 
  • The cable for charging is relatively short, which means you can charge it on a socket that is present nearby.

7. Hifiman TWS600

The Hifiman TWS600 comes with high stakes in the wireless market. The earbuds come with unique features like the topology diaphragm driver that offers you the best sound quality. The voice is manipulated such that the lows and highs are matched adequately with the mids.

Voice quality – The device’s voice quality comes with the topology diaphragm technology that offers you detailed audio. You are also provided with the ability to connect with a wide range of voice assistants, including Alexa, Cortana, Google Voice Assistant, and Siri. 

Connectivity – It comes with a frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, which is quite decent and sufficient to cater to the needs of a metro individual. The communication distance is long-range at 150 meters. 

It also comes with the voice command ability.

Battery life – The Hifiman TWS600 battery life of the 38.5 hours battery life (5.5 hours in earbuds and 33 hours in charging case.


  • The IPX4-rated design is good and gives you ample support during your workouts and conversations without any discomfort. 
  • The controls can be accessed quickly, offering you ample use of them. 
  • The microphone quality is loud and clear, enabling you to hear every word or tone. 
  • The connectivity offered by Bluetooth 5.0 is very stable, ensuring that you can connect during travel also. 
  • This is a massive 38-hour battery life with more than 5 hours in earbuds providing you with ample usage. 


  • The charging case is enormous, which is a bit of a botheration when you want to travel around with it. 
  • It does not come with wireless charging, which means you have to use a manual charge. 

Things to consider when buying earbuds for phone calls

You know that you are using the best earbuds for phone calls only when considering a set of pointers before the purchase. The sound quality, durability, and reliability are essential factors to consider because you are these devices in your ear. 

You must take your time to know some of the vital factors before choosing one. You never know; it can immensely change your mind about what you were initially looking for. 

The quality of the sound:-

The quality of the sound of your earbuds is crucial and one of the most important factors to consider. If you are purchasing it from an online store, then make sure that the seller is of good repute, and there is an exchange of the product allowed. 

Popular brand names like Apple, Bose, Sony, Jabra, and others provide genuine products with excellent sound quality and durability. However, when you buy it from the store, you can check out the audio performance then and there itself. 

The design of the earbuds:-

The material used to manufacture the earbuds and the shape of the product matter a lot for optimum usage. The durability factor depends on the kind of material they come built with. Hence, keep an eye on the make and material of the earbuds. 

The size of the earbuds:-

The size of the earbuds decides how comfortable they are when put on your ears. If you use the smartphone a lot for client meetings and conversations, then it makes sense to try on the earbuds before actually purchasing them. 

The features of the earbuds:-

The features of the earbuds also matter. You do not want earbuds merely to make calls or answer them. But, you want to be able to perform several functions using them. For example, the noise cancellation feature of the earbuds is an exciting feature that you may want to look at. 

Wired or wireless:-

You get earbuds of two kinds, one is wired, and the other is wireless. They both come with their pros and cons. For example, wireless earbuds can come in handy when you want to be flexible and not seated in one place.

Likewise, wired earbuds offer you better audio quality when compared to wireless products. 

Battery life:-

Whether you plan on purchasing wireless or wired earbuds, they must come with good battery life. Please read the earbuds review of the battery life so that you do not have to keep recharging the earbuds often. 

It comes down to your usage. If you are a heavy user of earbuds to make calls, listen to music, and listen to movie audio, you may consider a high-end earbuds model. For example, the Jabra Elite Active 65t offers you an excellent battery life of 15 hours. 


The pricing of the best earbuds for phone calls is the final factor to ponder on before taking the plunge. Usually, the Price depends on the brand that you are looking for. For example, Bose, Sony, and Apple are priced slightly on the higher side. 

At the same time, models like Mpow, Anker, Jabra are reasonably priced. Electronic products are mostly bought based on brand names. If you are an Apple or Sony fan, you can consider the Jabra Elite Active 65t as a good one. 

? FAQ’s on Best Earbuds For Phone Calls

Below are a couple of queries on Best Earbuds For Phone Calls that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Is their microphone present on earbuds?

Yes, you can find a microphone on the earbuds. The need for a microphone to be hanging out separately is not necessary. Wireless earbuds have microphones on them. Some of them include the Apple Airpods, Jabra Elite Active 65t, and others. Some even come with multiple microphones used for receiving calls and performing other functionalities, including voice commands.

Can you use earphones as microphones?

Yes, you can use earphones as microphones. Both the earbuds and the microphone work on the vibrating diaphragms. These react when there are sound waves on the outside. The sound waves are then converted to electrical signals, which are then turned back to sound. It only means that you can make use of earphones as a microphone. However, the sound quality gets immensely affected when compared to an actual microphone. So, if you have hearing issues, you may want to consider using a microphone separately as earbuds may not help your cause.

How does the earbuds microphone work?

This is something that many users are not aware of. The earbuds microphone works as a transducer. The transducer converts the energy into various forms. For example, the acoustic energy changes into audio signals, which are transferred to the person at the end of the line. Of course, the loudspeaker also acts as a transducer and converts the energy. As the conversion takes place less than a second, you do not seem aware of it happening. These conversions do occur in real-time.

How do you know that your earphone microphone is working?

You can find out whether your earphone microphone is working by connecting it to your smartphone, then make a call. When the person at the other end of the line can hear you loud and clear, it means the microphone is working. Another way to test your microphone is to attach it to your PC or laptop and do an online microphone test. If it works, then you know that your earbuds microphone is just fine. Otherwise, you may have to exchange your product.

What are the best earbuds for a phone call in the market today?

Most of the makers are almost neck and neck. However, we would highly recommend the Sony MDRXB50AP and Bose QuietComfort 20. These two makes are currently the best earbuds for phone calls in the market. However, depending on your preference, comfort, fit, and, most importantly, budget, your choices can vary.

What is the most reliable brand of earbuds for a phone call?

As far as earbuds for phone calls are concerned, Sony and Bose are reliable names. Other brands like Mpow and Anker are good enough too. Before purchasing the product, make sure that there is no defect. Make it a point to check it beforehand and exchange it before it is too late. The durability of the product depends on how you handle the earbuds.

Summing up

We hope that this guide was informative and valuable for you to help you choose the best earbuds for phone calls. Of course, selecting one pair of earbuds from the wide range of products that you have in the market today is no child’s play. 

With the help of this review, you can narrow your choices to decide on the best product that can certainly help your cause. You see, the earbuds that come with your new smartphone may not provide you with quality audio. 

Hence, we have shown you some of the best earbuds available in the market suitable for making phone calls. Your requirements are essential to enable you to get what you need when you are making the purchase. 

Remember to see that the sound quality of the earbuds is audible and comes with the proper balance. 

Best earbuds for phone calls: Full Article in a glance
  • The best earbuds to make phone calls is the Bose QuietComfort 20.
  • The silent performer would be the Sony MDRXB50AP.
  • The best all-around performance would be the Jabra Elite 65t.  
  • The earbuds for value are the Anker Soundcore Life P2.

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