Best Android Streaming Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Streaming services helps to watch videos in real-time. They are the best replacement for the cable TV subscription. There are hundreds of Android streaming apps, and you can make use of them for hours of streaming. With the streaming applications, you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports on your TV. The availability of the streaming services will be based on the region. However, you can make use of the VPN service to take advantage of the geo-restrictions.Read on this article to know the best Android TV streaming app that you would enjoy.

Best Android Streaming Apps

Listed down are the list of best Android streaming apps you can choose to get unlimited entertainment.

Sling TV

Sling TV best Android TV streaming app

Sling TV is the best streaming application for Android devices. It includes many programs that you can get most of your favorite channels. The service cost will be way less than the cable bill. Sling also lets the users watch content anywhere on almost any streaming device. Furthermore, even the kids can watch their favorite cartoons on this streaming app. So it offers a wide range of live TV channels, including sports, lifestyle, and news. The news channels cover both local and international content. It is completely free to install and is quite slick.


Netflix best Android TV streaming app

Netflix is the best streaming application for Android. You can stream unlimited movies and TV shows on phone, tablet, laptop, and TV. It lets users download shows to watch offline. So that you can save favorites easily and always have something to watch. It also allows the users to create profiles for the children so that they can watch their favorite shows. It is completely free to access with membership. You can watch the best Netflix originals, some exciting Netflix TV series, animated series, and more.

LiveNet TV

Live Net TV - Best Android Streaming App

LiveNet TV is a free-to-download smartphone application that lets users watch live TV channels. It currently has over 800 different channels. The channels are available in different categories, including sports, entertainment, news, movies, documentary, and kids. You can also stream the contents through LiveNet TV in SD or HD quality. The users can also pick channels based on their viewing interests.

RedBox TV

Redbox TV

Red Box TV is a live streaming app for Android devices. It has over 1000 plus live channels from 15 distinct countries. It also offers free live TV with no sign-in details. So that you can watch dozens of popular channels like TMZ, USA Today, and FailArmy, including the Red box channels. The rentals start as low as $1.99, and you can include the purchases in your library. You can stream new movies fresh from the theatre plus thousands more with a subscription. Hence it is the best screening application for Android.


Hulu - Best Android Streaming App

Hulu is the best on-demand video streaming platform you can use from an Android device. It is currently available in Japan and the USA. Hulu doesn’t have any advertisements so that the users can enjoy watching the content without any interruption. It also has a vast library of contents. It hosts around 2500 movies and more than 400,000 episodes from thousands of TV shows. You can watch new TV shows, rewatch favorite series and watch the latest movies.

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Kodi - Best Android Streaming App

Kodi is another powerful media streaming application that helps to manage all media in one central location. You can even access the app remotely. Kodi add ons help in supporting audio and video format. It makes a versatile solution for consuming media on Android TV. Furthermore, this is an open-source media player application that delivers movies, TV shows, etc. It also offers other entertaining content to users. It is a popular app among users who own smart TVs. Kodi is completely free to use, and you need to install some add ons.



Crackle is a popular free streaming service that offers on-demand movies and TV series. It also has a free library of original content. Crackle supports HD quality and allows other resolution viewing. It has a friendly user interface and simple navigation. It is a completely free streaming service to watch television shows, movies, and other video content. It has a wide selection of programs available and library of original content. If you have a high-speed internet connection and a modern device, you can use Crackle and watch its contents.

Jio TV


Jio TV is the most popular multimedia application to watch TV shows, movies, and sports. It is also a multimedia app with 600 TV channels and 100 plus HD multi-lingual channels. The streaming app offers a comprehensive list of favorite TV shows, movies, and other content. The app also features content in English and several other regional languages. So that the users can binge-watch loads of content on smartphones. You can enjoy various genres such as sports or games, movies, entertainment, news, business, regional, and music. Hence Jio TV is one of the best streaming applications for Android.


Hotstar - Best Android Streaming App

Hotstar is the premium content provider of local and international content. It includes TV shows, LIVE cricket, news, and movies. The movie library includes the latest hits, evergreen favorites, documentaries, and critically acclaimed films across languages. It is the most popular streaming application with more than 300 million downloads. It is the best app to watch all your favorite shows at any time and anywhere. You can enjoy unlimited access to 100,000 hours of TV shows and movies across the world. It also has the Worlds best stories from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Studio.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV best Android TV streaming app

YouTube TV is a relatively new and best streaming apps for Android. It is a subscription streaming service that lets users watch live from major broadcast and popular cable networks. You can also enjoy local and national live sports, breaking news. It includes unlimited cloud DVR storage space to record favorites. There are over 85 networks available on YouTube TV. It supports 4K content, and you will get better video quality on available content. The users can also watch recordings offline and use unlimited streams at home.

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Therefore these are the best Android streaming applications we have got for you. We leave the choice of choosing any of the services to you as you will have personalized streaming requirements. For any queries, you shall connect with us through the comments section.