Best Ad Blockers for Android Smartphones | Ad Block Browsers

You can surf the internet safely and fast without any annoying ads. While ads can be annoying, blocking them with the right tool will be the best idea. Nowadays, you can see so many publishers showing adverts as a way to make money. However, sometimes, we might feel annoyed or distracted while ads pop up on our Android web browser or any other individual application. There are a variety of ad blocker apps available on the Google Play Store with which you can get rid of those ads. The article gives you a glimpse of all the best ad blockers for Android. We have listed a set of apps and browsers with unique ad-blocking features. With no further delay, you shall take a look at the best Ad Blockers for Android.

Best Ad Blockers for Android – Apps

Android users shall choose any of the ad-blocker apps discussed in the below section to stay away from unnecessary ad pop-ups.

1. Adblock Plus

best ad blocker for Android

Adblock Plus is among the most popular and best adblocker application for Android. It is absolutely a free app that allows you to block ads in most popular browsers for Android like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, Yandex browser, etc. In addition, it also disables tracking your personal information. This best ad blocker is downloaded by more than 350 million users around the world.

2. AdGuard

best ad blocker for Android

AdGuard is the best ad blocker with so many advanced features. It gives the best protection while you surf the web and also safeguard your personal information. By using its custom filter, you can easily whitelist any favorite and trusted website that you wish. Being an ad blocker, it also helps you to save mobile battery life. Save your time and mobile data by blocking unwanted ads with the help of the AdGuard application.

3. AdBlock

best ad blocker for Android

AdBlock is a superior and safe tool for Android to block advertisements, tracking activities, malware, virus risks, and so on. Currently, this application has 50 million users. It has a built-in privacy protection feature, and it automatically blocks ad pop-ups in all formats while your surfing in your Android web browser. Though it is an adblocker application, it also doubles the browsing speed of your Android browser and saves the battery life of your device by loading only the content you want.

4. AdAway

best ad blocker for Android

AdAway is one of the powerful Adblocker apps in which you can easily surf the internet with any annoying ads. It is open-source software, and you can set its host file on your Android mobile. Thereby the ads will get automatically blocked. The adblocker has so many unique features. And its modern user interface is extremely easy-to-use. Protect your Android device with malicious advertisements with this simple and effective application.

5. AdClear

best ad blocker for Android

AdClear is the latest ad blocker by which you can simply block ads from any website or browser without enabling root access in your Android device. So far, it is one of the best applications to block YouTube ads. It even blocks encrypted ads from any source. It perfectly works with almost all the Android browsers like Chrome, Chromium, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, etc.

6. AdLock

best ad blocker for Android

AdLock app will run smoothly on any Android device. With this app, you can privately and securely surf the internet and block any ads effortlessly. Irrespective of the browser you use on your Android mobile, this app keeps your device safe by blocking unwanted ads. You can view the total number of blocked ads and security risks in the AdLocks’ main menu. Make your mobile data last longer by using this excellent app on your mobile.

7. Blockada

best ad blocker for Android

Blockada is an open-source ad blocker for Android. The app act as a shield to protect you from malicious content and annoying ads. It lets you browse free on your Android device by automatically blocking any sort of ads and websites that can spread viruses or steal your personal data on your mobile. You can even change the DNS server of your device by using this application to increase privacy and security.

8. Block This

best ad blocker for Android

Block This is one of the safest and lightweight apps to use on your Android mobile. The tool is capable of blocking ads from browsers and other individual Google Play Store apps on your Android mobile. The main functions of this app are blocking ads, blocking tracker cookies, protecting from malicious viruses, preventing high data consumption, increasing battery life, and increasing browsing speed.

9. NetGuard

best ad blocker for Android

NetGuard app offers an advanced way to block advertisements without any routing. You can enable or disable this app at any time by tapping the toggle switch present in it. It will block only the ads on web browsers and won’t block any ads on the other individual apps in your device like YouTube and Google Play Store apps. Overall, this app will act as both an adblocker and firewall for your Android device.

10. DNS66

best ad blocker for Android

DNS66 is an excellent customizable application for adblocking. You can go to its custom settings menu and change any settings as you wish. By default, this ad blocker app works smoothly on blocking ads from all the apps on your Android mobile. It totally blocks all google ads interrupting while playing mobile games through Play Store apps. Overall this would be a decent adblocker to block ads on mobile apps and mobile web browsers.

11. Disconnect

best ad blocker for Android

Disconnect ad blocker is one of the popular and open-source applications for Android. It blocks ads and other third-party websites that track your data. It is not only an adblocker but also a tool that helps you to browse safely on any web browser on your Android mobile. The app works well on most Android browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Get rid of unwanted ads and online trackers by using the Disconnect app on your Android device.

12. No Root Firewall

best ad blocker for Android

Like its name, the app helps you to block any ads on your Android mobile without any root privileges. So you need not download this app from any third-party sources. You can directly download the app from Google Play Store. Each time you access any apps on your Android device, you’ll get a notification from the ‘No Root Firewall’ application, and in that notification, you can choose to allow or deny it as you want.

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Best Ad Blockers for Android – Browsers

1. Brave Private Browser


It is one of the secure and fast private browsers with adblocker. By using this full-featured private browser on your Android mobile, you no need to bother about any annoying ads. This outstanding ad blocker also improves your Android mobiles’ battery life and saves your mobile data. You can easily get this app in Google Play Store. Once you install this app on your mobile, you can simply use it like other browsers without any hassle.

2. Firefox Focus-Ad Blocker


Firefox Focus offers advanced tracking protection with private browsing. It comes with all the cool and unique features to enhance your privacy and security. Its ad tracker blocking feature is sturdy enough that it can block a lot of advertisements while browsing. This application for sure takes your private browsing experience to the next level with its notable ad-blocking feature. You can use this browser as either an adblocker or a private browser on your Android.

3. Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser has gained tremendous popularity with its simple and easy-to-use interface. It blocks ads, malware, and pop-ups on individual apps. In this app, you can customize the filter list by adding the websites you wish to whitelist. It allows you to browse faster and safer by preventing unnecessary ads. Overall this browser will give you a smooth and secure browsing experience with adblocking.

4. Pure Web Browser-Ad Blocker

Pure web browser ad-blocker

Pure Web Browser is a lightweight yet powerful adblocker. It automatically blocks ad content and disables notifications from other apps while browsing in this browser on your Android mobile. The main features of this browser are ad blocker, incognito browsing, night mode, video downloader, QR scanner, page translate, bookmark, and numerous color themes. It only needs less storage space, and it will give you a fast browsing experience in a secure way.

5. Dolphin Browser-Ad Blocker


Dolphin is an excellent browser for Android. Its features include adblocking, incognito browsing, bookmarking, multiple tab bar, HTML5 video player, and flash player. With this browser on your Android, you can simply block ad content, ad videos, pop-ups, and banners. All-in-all it is one of the secure browsers which gives you a fast browsing experience without leaving any search history and showing up any advertisements.

6. Stargon Browser-Ad Blocker


Stargon Browser comes along with an ad blocker and so many add-ons. Some of its built-in features include ad-block, gesture, DNS VPN, custom font, night mode, secret mode, video download, and page translate. This browser serves you with an advanced adblocking engine. So you can browse without the interruption of any unnecessary ads on any web pages. It also blocks some dangerous websites in advance to protect your data and privacy.

7. Opera Browser with VPN-Ad Blocker

Opera Browser

Using Opera Browser with VPN on your Android mobile lets you easily avoid interruption of unwanted ads while browsing. Its in-build native ad blocker will even help you to browse faster. To enable this feature, once you install and launch this app, click on the shield icon and then tap on the Block ads option. So, you can make changes in its custom settings whenever you want. Make use of this Opera’s ad-free browser in your Android mobile to avoid annoying ads.

8. Ghostery Browser-Ad Blocker

Ghostery Browser-Ad Blocker

Ghostery Browser will be one of the best choices if you are looking for one of the best ad blockers for Android along with privacy protection. Using this browser, you can simply stay away from unwanted ads and save your mobile data on your Android mobile. Further, it helps to avoid tracking your personal information by other third-party websites. You can anonymize your data by turning on Ghostery Browser’s ‘Enhanced Anti Tracking’.

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Wrapping Up

We are concluding this article on ‘best ad blockers for Android’ here. All the ad blocker apps and browsers we listed here are safe and simple to use. And they are also focused on user privacy and data protection. Most of them are free to use. We hope you were able to select the right ad blocker app or browser for your mobile. Still, if you have any doubts, you can mention them in the below comment section.