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Babyation’s breast pump brings stealth and dignity to mothers –

“Dairy cows do not tolerate what women tolerate,” said Samantha Rudolph, general manager. Pregnancy, of St. Louis, a Missouri-based company launching a new solution for breastfeeding mothers today. The company is taking a more holistic approach than most, with an integrated system that focuses on privacy. The solution comes in a package that includes air conditioning, storage and a secret breast shield attached to the bra. The layout is controlled by the app, which makes it possible to pour it into a comfortable environment, even when you are outdoors and while you are in the world.

A recent study showed that most women say that pumping is the worst part of breastfeeding. That is the statistical hell, in that sense 95% of nursing mothers pumpand as someone who does not have to use a breast pump, it does not take much research to get confirmation: It looks so bad. Milk should come out somehow, though – you can’t change biology. Taking Babyation is that if they can’t do it the way they love it, they can do at least what they can to make sure I don’t automatically hate it.

“We designed our products to improve pumping throughout the day. We reduce the contents, then we have storage space,” Rudolph said. It is difficult to overestimate how effective this is; Many breast pumps only sell bottles and pumps, but you are left with the problem of storage and inconvenience of leaving a bottle of milk in the office refrigerator. “Alternatively, if I forget one of these small parts, my pump is not working, and then I enjoy it, or my milk is going down. We have fixed it and put everything in one place.”

The creative thing is to be able to tie the bottom of your clothes, and have a small, unobtrusive tube inside the storage bag on the floor. The suction itself comes from a new technology that reflects nature, rather than taking a page from a playbook in the dairy industry. The company has 11 patents to protect its technology.

“The way we produce our suction is that the device actually falls on the nipple. That’s how babies suck. The FDA really allows us to say our suction is the same for babies. No other product can do that,” he said. Rudolph, and it takes me on a journey as the competition unfolds. “If you look [competitor’s] licenses, most of which are based on dairy cattle technology. “

Bag pump pump mechanism

Baby breast pump and storage solution means that moms can make sure they have everything they need for appearance. If something is missing from the storage space, it is very clear. Copyright: Pregnancy

In the industry, most breastfeeding consultants will tell you that breast implants may not produce as much milk as a baby, but the Babyation team has a trick on their shirts – proverbially as well as literally – with extraordinary benefits. .

“In the tests, 100% of the women came out with more milk from our pump, compared to the pump they used more often. 50 per cent of the time our engine came out with more milk than the baby,” Rudolph said. In fact, it takes a long time for the industry to get there. tiray. I think we have solved this issue in an unprecedented way. I think our numbers prove that the game is changing. But also, it is not the science of missiles to be silent, immoral and intelligent. We did not invent the way milk is produced. So the fact that women are living longer with these outdated solutions is just crazy for me.

Part of the company’s secret commitment means moving the device controls to the app, rather than users tucking it under their clothes. The app monitors how much milk is expressed, can control the pump remotely and monitors the equipment.

Improving the child rationally. Copyright: Pregnancy

“We really built the whole feeding app. So if I have a caregiver, I can ask the carer to feed a special bottle of milk, and then that will run out of my products. We also monitor breastfeeding and we also monitor milk feeding. We really tried to put a lot of ideas into the app, ”said Rudolph. “We also have an auto-start and an auto-stop; “Intelligence is our northern star.”

The company told me that it has a waiting list of its products for more than 4,500 people, which seems to be a good thing today. Babyation is primarily a direct customer brand, and the company is selling its system for $ 499.