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HBO and HBO Max added 13 million subscribers last year, as Netflix’s growth slowed

Earlier this week Netflix reported quarterly earnings results showing that the number of its subscribers was declining for the first time in a decade, but not everyone is flocking to experience such a rebound. Although AT&T has landed HBO and the rest of WarnerMedia in their new Discovery home, it still has one more customer number to show off. with its income report on Thursday morning.

Figures show that HBO added nearly 13 million subscribers last year to all HBO and traditional HBO Max, including growth in the last three million quarters. Now both services add up to 76.8 million subscribers worldwide, which still lacks Netflix’s 221.64 million subscribers and even the latest Disney Plus number of 129.8 million. As we mentioned in January, HBO Max is much better … than HBO Max.

AT&T Report Q1 2022:

By the end of the quarter, there were 76.8 million HBO Max and HBO subscribers. Global HBO Max and HBO Customers grew 12.8 million a year and rose 3.0 million consecutive years, primarily for global profits as well as its domestic retail customers reflecting the strength of the program. At the end of the quarter, there were 48.6 million HBO Max and HBO subscribers equivalent to 44.2 million a quarter ago, up from 4.4 million a year.

We’ve ended HBO Max’s day-to-day film show strategy that has been going on until the 2021 calendar year, but it still has a fairly complex library consisting of new hits and Warner Bros. options. books. Also, unlike Netflix, HBO still has a number of new territories where it has expanded, so it may be a while before it falls into the problem of not getting more new subscribers to to get it.

AT&T CEO John Stankey is not the head of HBO, but he talked about password sharing, which Netflix identified as a factor in stopping its growth. Sida in the end Referring to the investor’s call, Stanke said: “We have thought about how we have built the product and given the customers enough flexibility but we do not want to see widespread abuse.” For more information on the future of HBO Max (and the sudden death of CNN Plus), we’ll wait until next week, when Warner Bros. Discovery has its first revenue call.