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ARMO raises $30M to build an end-to-end open source Kubernetes security platform –

ARMOthe Tel Aviv company behind it Kubescape, the popular open source Kubernetes Security platform, announced today that it has raised $ 30 million in a series of investments led by Tiger Global. New investors at Hyperwise Ventures as well as investors Pitango First and Peled Ventures also participated in this round.

Kubescape, which developers can access through a command line or browser-based UI, helps businesses scan their Kubernetes teams, YAML files and HELM diagrams for misalignment, possible vulnerabilities and configuration issues. The platform also supports many forms of security and compliance such as NSA and MITER, but also allows businesses to create their own framework. Perhaps the most important factor in finding these issues is Kubescape also shows these groups why some controls have failed – allowing them, in some cases, to make changes to the Kubescape UI if they want to do so – and how to improve it. them.

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ARMO general manager and co-founder Shauli Rozen told me that the company’s plan is to build an end-to-end security solution for Kubernetes and to keep that open source. Today, many companies combine multiple open source solutions, which quickly become difficult to manage, or have to use specific systems that may be difficult to adapt to specific use cases.

That is something Tiger Global partner John Curtius also mentioned. “Kubernetes is an open source, and the security of Kubernetes should be an open source, in line with the principles of transparency and co-operation,” he said. “ARMO is unique because it is committed to fully accessing open and secure security solutions for Kubernetes, so that everyone can take advantage of – and contribute to – the safest place available. “

ARMO’s business plan should provide a hosted version of Kubescape, starting at $ 59 a month per employee and three months of data storage (and annual discounted plans). For users who only use up to 10 staff units, there is also a free plan with one month of data storage. Large companies, of course, can also negotiate a company business plan.

“Kubernetes is just growing; securing Kubernetes means securing the infrastructure on which all modern service provider applications rely,” said Nathan Shuchami, managing director of Hyperwise Ventures. Significant and potential vulnerabilities at various levels.The security of Kubernetes is a complex problem.The ARMO’s commitment to open, end-to-end resolution of all challenges has made it visible, and KubescapeSuccess shows how much is needed.