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Are poison pills really that bitter? –

Greetings and welcome Equality, A podcast about startup business, where we produce figures and nuance behind the headlines. Every Monday, Nimco and Alex Check out the news and write articles about what’s going on to start the week.

We sit on the mice for a few very busy weeks, when we are working properly!

  • The stock is integrated all over the world to start the day, cryptos are off a little more, but nothing too scary.
  • Didi will Vote for exit from U.S. public markets this May, and promised not to write elsewhere on a temporary basis. This story is close to us, but what a mess it will leave her awake.
  • The Taking advantage of Beanstalk was bad news this weekbut the hunchygu is that as long as the votes are tied to economic power, many pure crypto-land ideas will remain open to exploitation.
  • Zambian fintech startup Union54 has raised $ 12 million for seed extension, led by Tiger, which has caught our eye. Over in India, food competition rival Swiggy and Zomato both support UrbanPiper.
  • Finally, it appears that some private market investors are dissatisfied with the toxic pills, a defensive approach developed by public companies to prevent enemy takeover. Which makes me laugh, as the two-story shares of many VCs have rebounded, or at least helped fund a hot start, they seem to be also designed to counter control changes.

To put it bluntly, we have a live show this week! Yes, live show So come share it with us on Thursday when we record our episode on Friday!