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Incredibly, your Apple HomePod may now be worth more than its $299 MSRP

I thought it was really weird when Apple re-sold the original $ 299 HomePod months after it was discontinued. But now, it starts to make sense – not only do some people still want to pay a premium for some smart speakers, they are willing to pay more than Apple has been charged.

We looked at eBay sales numbers after seeing it 9to5Mac Chance Miller editor-in-chief tweet, and we immediately realized it was not a joke: on average, the Apple HomePod earned $ 375 last week. That’s 25 percent more than Apple was charged.

Of course, some HomePods are more expensive than others – a used speaker without a box may only bring you $ 220 before eBay fees, but we’ve seen several factories shut down with unrepaired HomePods and sells for over $ 500. In fact, some sellers are proud to have got Apple to replace their old HomePods with new ones to roll out.

When I cleared the expensive sealed boxes, the average selling price was $ 350 last week. That’s still $ 50 more than they cost-new!

Note that prices may fall if Verge readers flock to the market.
Sean Hollister / The Verge eBay eBay

It’s a scam, but you can see it on the eBay chart above the HomePod price says has appreciated over the past year since it was discontinued. That is something we have never experienced before on devices like these, except for skin conditions as we have recently seen on consoles and GPUs.

Why HomePod? That is a good question. It’s part of Apple’s history, perhaps; you need two stereo; Unlike the successful winner of the affordable HomePod Mini, it is very good. My friend Jen Tuohy also explained that the smart home is one of the few places where Siri is really good. She thinks people are realizing that it is the only option other than the HomePod Mini that sounds.

So that’s a theory that works right now.