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The fight to unionize Amazon’s warehouses

Amazon, one of the largest employers in the United States and one of the cornerstones of American shopping habits, has long resisted union efforts as union drivers. in the year 2000 and 2014. In recent years, though, union calls have grown exponentially with the general public – and the former union has even been able to win an election at one of the company’s headquarters in New York.

The latest elections began in Bessemer, Alabama, when the retail, wholesale and department store department tried to organize Amazon’s BHM1, which had approximately 5,800 employees at the time. In 2021, workers voted overwhelmingly against the union, but the union successfully asked the National Labor Relations Commission to reconsider, claiming that Amazon had intervened by installing a mailbox at its headquarters. The second election saw very few people, but the result was very close, although the large number of disputed votes made the result unreliable.

Elsewhere, the Amazon Workers’ Union, an association of former and current Amazon employees not affiliated with a major union, has attempted to organize several warehouses on Staten Island, New York. It ended up waiting for the union votes at two stations: JFK8, and LDJ5. On April 1, 2022, JFK8 staff voted to organize ALU, making their warehouse the first Amazon facility to unite. About a month later, the staff at the next door LDJ5 voted against the union.

In the face of all this, Amazon has faced allegations of organizational bias, and other attempts to interfere with the election process (some of which were weird – it has been accused of managing Alabama traffic patterns). . The company, for its part, has accused the unions and the national labor commission of doing the same. But with at least one warehouse integrated, it looks like there will be more attempts to organize, and you can keep up with these latest StoryStream efforts.