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Amazon Labor Union stumbles as workers vote down union at second NYC facility

Amazon workers at the LDJ5 headquarters in Staten Island, New York, voted to organize the Amazon Workers Union with 618 nos to 380 yes. The center employs about 1,600 staff in total, and began its selection last week.

It was a long way to the LDJ5 election. In October, 2021, the ALU asked the National Labor Relations Board (or NLRB) to hold elections at four Staten Island centers, including a sorting center. However, to ensure that it has sufficient expression of interest, the union reiterated its request to include only the JFK8 center. In February, the ALU submitted a new application for the LDJ5 election, which was approved in March. The ALU secured a historic victory next month, when JFK8 center staff voted 2,654 to 2,131 in favor of the union.

The battle to unite LDJ5 is unlikely to end here. Another Amazon store in Bessemer, Alabama, the Retail Association, Wholesale and Store department has successfully campaigned with the NLRB (which monitors votes) to hold another election, claiming that Amazon has interfered. While the recounted votes show a defeat for the organization, the large number of disputed votes means they are still undecided. RWDSU has already filed a complaint accusing Amazon of interfering in Bessemer’s second vote.

ALU tweeted after counting ended that it will continue to organize “this facility and beyond.” Amazon should still negotiate a contract with JFK8 staff, until the election results are revoked. This process can take months, and will most likely require the support of a facility staff.

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