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Amazon Freevee increases its slate of originals, establishes itself as a competitor to watch –

During Amazon NewFronts, Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) has announced the expansion of its original programming and FAST (free-to-air TV-supported TV), along with the short-term film license agreement with Disney Media & Distribution of Entertainment. Last month, the company announced a 70% year-on-year increase in its original design.

Not only does the free site offer a new origin such as “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis, “Troppo,” “American Test Kitchen: The Next Generation,” “Beyond Black Beauty,” “Play-Doh Squished,” “Inside No. 9, “and” Post Malone: ​​Runaway, “but will also have a limited selection of Disney titles such as” Deadpool, “” Logan, “” Hidden Numbers, “” Murder on the Orient Express, “and” The Ku click. “The Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution Agreement follows the previously announced NBCU agreement with Freevee, which provides the site with a dedicated network window for films from the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group 202021.

In addition, “Bosch: Legacy” will receive a second season, and UNINTERRUPTED’s “High Class: Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers” will receive two more seasons (Season 3 and 4). Freevee also recently announced the launch of Season 2 of “Judy Justice

Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, co-founders of content and programs, Amazon Freevee, said in a statement,

“Amazon Freevee is a track record in AVOD space, redesigning, redesigning, and enhancing content quality provided by the free streaming service. Produced and delivered by Amazon Studios in collaboration with some of the industry’s best innovators and studio partners — and by ensuring the exclusive, highly-licensed content, we have built a place for viewers to know. We can also build a talented home where their ideas will be nurtured and revived, and we will build a brand that advertisers know they will find in their programs. popular and attractive.Today’s announcements on the next page show how committed we are to getting customers show them their valuables – it’s always free. “

Additional backgrounds on the various levels of Amazon Freevee production include the Greg Garcia comedy series “Sprung;” “High School,” a series of essays edited by Clea DuVall based on a memoir by Tegan and Sara Quin; comedies of the next age, “Primo;” and “The Call,” Dick Wolf’s new drama.

Amazon Freevee has also announced that it has expanded its FAST coverage to more than 75 channels, including exclusive live channels for Canadian sitcom’s “Kim’s Convenience” and comedy series “The Kids in the Hall. ” This is the jump 35 channels she had last year.

Amazon Freevee stands for FAST (Free Advertising Supported by TV) competitor to watch as it continues to redesign itself and rapidly expand its library to original content and studio deals.