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Always Take the Ice Out of the Bag

Bags of ice for a party.

Photograph: Matylda Laurence (Shutterstock)

No make a difference how prolific your ice-producing procedure, you will, at some level or a different, want to seize a bag of ice for a social gathering, conference, or some other celebration that needs you serve cold drinks to quite a few persons. And, irrespective of whether you get the excellent ice, or the conventional cracked things, there is one matter you must by no means do—and that is retailer it in the bag.

My disdain for that bag is 2nd only to my disdain for persons who rip the bag open, shove their fingers down into the bag, then fold or twist the ripped bag and place the bag in the freezer. Then, just about every time they drive extra ice, they choose the bag out of the freezer, and shove their grubby small hand again in the bag and rifle all-around until they obtain a couple of chunks of frozen water.

The grubby hand is actually the the very least offensive element of this full track and dance. The most offensive aspect is the ice abuse. Taking the infernal bag out of the fridge and sticking your hand in its infernal hole basically can take too extensive. It gives the ice time to melt and get moist, which is the reverse of what you want ice to do. That very small little bit of softenage then refreezes, fusing your ice jointly into one particular unwieldy block. (You know the block. It is the a single you smash on the edge of your kitchen counter.)

There seriously is no need for all of this. All you will need to do is get the ice out of the bag and into an ice bin. It doesn’t even need to have to be a correct ice bin—any freezer-risk-free container will do. Dump the ice into the container, set the container in the freezer, and close the freezer. Then, when you will need ice, get rid of it with thoroughly clean fingers (or some tongs, if your hands are to grimy for your taste).

In addition to acquiring a damn ice bin, there is one other phase you can just take to safeguard the integrity of your frozen water, and avoid the development of the dreaded Large Fused Block: Take a cooler to the shop, and get that bag of ice in the cooler as soon as you spend for it. This will hold your ice cold and dry on the trip dwelling, and dry ice is pleased ice.