AirPod Case Not Charging Problem: Possible Fixes ??

Working with AirPods is genuinely at ease because of the wireless attribute and charging the AirPods is a reasonably uncomplicated task. In some cases you may possibly come upon an AirPod circumstance not charging predicament, don’t freak out. 

There are basic challenges that could induce this to transpire and there are easy fixes that accompany these troubles. In this article are some ideas to resolve this. 

The recommendations are progressive so they begin from seriously very simple items like examining the connection or cable because in most instances we have witnessed, it’s ordinarily cables or bad connections. 

So, it will be ideal if you progressively adhere to the ideas so as to rule out straightforward fixes first just before attempting out some of the additional subtle suggestions. As very long as you have tried any of the uncomplicated fixes, you can just scroll straight down to other fixes. 

AirPod Circumstance Not Charging Problem: Attainable Fixes

1. Check out Your Connections 

As we reported, this is a rather quick issue to do but you have to also be very careful to make absolutely sure you firmly plug your Lightning to USB cable into both equally ends the charging circumstance and the USB adapter. 

AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

The next move is to make positive the energy adapter you’re making use of is firmly fixed in a socket that operates. In conditions with customers working with a Qi-suitable charger, the idea even now remains the very same. Make certain the cable is firmly plugged at both equally ends. 

If at the stop of this you are continue to struggling with an airPod case not charging difficulty, progress to step two.

2. Demand The AirPods In The AirPods Scenario 

This notion can occasionally assistance soar-begin the charging process for your AirPods situation. Set your AirPods inside of your AirPods scenario and charge them with the cable that came in the original AirPods bundle. 

Make absolutely sure you use the initial cable. Cost for at the very least 15 minutes and check out to see if the case is charging. If it does not do the job then try out another tip.

For buyers who have Wireless Charging Situation and a Qi-compatible charger, consider and come across a way to location the case with the position light struggling with up so that you can see if it turns on for a handful of seconds. 

If it does not flip on, go on to reposition the scenario for a while. If at the end of this deal with, the airPod circumstance not charging trouble persists, move forward to the subsequent action. 

3. Test The Charge Position Of Your AirPods Scenario

Use your iOS device to verify the standing of the battery. Open up the AirPods circumstance with your AirPods nevertheless in them and carry the situation extremely close to your AirPods circumstance. 

AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

You should really right away see the AirPods scenario cost status. The scenario might not be charging for the reason that it is complete and you will straight away see that. If that’s not the scenario, then check out out the next idea to fix the concern. 

4. Cleaning The AirPods Circumstance Charging Port

Charging ports are by natural means loaded with lint and dirt for the reason that of where we usually area the ports. Lint and dirt can acquire in bags and pockets and that is in which we generally preserve it. Dirty charging ports might just be the problem at the rear of your AirPods case not charging. 

Here’s how to cleanse off lint and dirt from ports. 

What Not To Use To Clean up The Charging Port 

  • Metal objects like screwdrivers or iron rods 
  • Damp cloth or material 

These objects really should by no means be employed in cleansing the port to avoid shorter-circuiting and wreck in your charging port eternally. 

Here’s what to use in its place. 

Use objects like a new toothbrush or a tender cloth to scrape the grime out of the charging port. 

When you’re finished carefully cleaning the port, test charging your AirPods case once more and if the charging was compromised by lint and filth, this should really make it operate. 

5. Use A Different Cable

If you are looking through even more, then it indicates the idea earlier mentioned did not perform. It is time to improve practices. 

We will suggest employing a various cable. Look at if the cable you are employing is MFI accredited, if it is not, get a new a single that is and try out the new a single. If the previous cable is MFI qualified, then check if the cable is broken in any way. 

Search for cuts, tears, or any other irregularities along the cable that may possibly demonstrate why you are receiving the AirPods scenario not charging problem. If there is not any, smoothen the cable a bit and then test again. 

6. Change Extensions or Plug Into a Socket Straight

This is a sub-menu on the former tip. Transform extensions and examine if the extension it is plugged in is doing work. Sometimes the extension you plugged your AirPods circumstance charger in could be free. 

How To Fix AirPod Case Not Charging Problem

Plug the Airpods situation charger firmly into a socket and bypass the extension completely. This may well assist in developing a firmer relationship. 

If this does not function, then it is probably time to test out a significantly far more “tech-based” remedy. 

7. Resetting the Airpods Scenario

What is leading to your “AirPods situation not charging” trouble may be a software difficulty. Bugs can at times cause difficulties with the Operating Technique of the AirPods scenario which may well make the case unresponsive to charging. 

This program issue is frequent and typically, the way to take care of it is by resetting the AirPods scenario. This is fairly uncomplicated to do and if it is a software package difficulty, your AirPods case really should be charging fairly alright just after you’re accomplished with the reset procedure. 

Here’s how to reset your AirPods circumstance. 

  • Press the Setup button and hold on to it. The Set up button can be identified at the back again of your situation. 
  • When the Standing Mild turns on and flashes the shade Amber and then White, permit go of the Set up button. That is basically what resetting your AirPods scenario is all about. 

Test charging your AirPods scenario now and if the trouble was in its computer software, it should really cost high-quality. If it does not demand, you will have to contemplate enlisting the support of Apple professionals to determine out the concern with your Airpods circumstance not charging. 

There are two approaches we would suggest how to get skilled enable. 

  • Repairing Your AirPods Circumstance At The Genius Bar In An Apple Store 
  • Employing Apple’s Mail-In Restore Assistance. 

8. Repairing Your Airpods Situation at the Genius Bar in an Apple Retail outlet

Simply click in this article to make an appointment at the Genius bar ahead of demonstrating up. This will make it less difficult for you to just walk in and have your trouble addressed rapidly. 

Recall to examine in when you get there at the Genius bar to validate your appointment. If the difficulty is deep-rooted, belief them to find it and resolve the trouble. 

You will almost certainly go back dwelling with a performing AirPods scenario if it is fixable or selections about what to do up coming if it is not. 

9. Utilizing Apple’s Mail-In Repair Services

This provider is genuinely uncomplicated to use. Click on on this connection and established up a mail-in mend. This selection is obtainable for buyers who for some cause are not able to physically go to a Genius bar. 

It will probably take a bit for a longer period than having an appointment but you will just mail the defective components and hope interaction on what went improper and how to repair it. 

There is also a phone support method that can assist. You will be put via with a company agent who can guide you verbally on actions or recommendations you can perform to clear up your issue. 

These alternatives over are typically beneficial when all of the recommendations have been tried using and analyzed and it continue to did not operate. If any person can figure out precisely what transpired, it is the organization that built it. 

Hopefully, your AirPods situation will be set and it will be again with you in no time charging your AirPods once more. 

Underneath is a guide on how to established up your AirPods with your Iphone. 

How to Setup Your Airpods to Connect With Your Iphone  

Connectivity among AirPods and iPhones are seriously easy to reach. We know of training course that for the AirPods to work, they have to be connected to the iOS gadget you want to use them with. 

As quickly as you open up up the AirPods charging situation and you provide your iOS device genuinely shut to it, the link system will quickly be instantly initiated. 

A set up animation will pop up on your iOS system. This is what will advise you that the connection system has been initiated. 

An choice will pop up on your iOS system display screen. It will say “Connect”. 

Tap on Join and then faucet on Completed. Your iOS gadget is now connected to the AirPods.

This is the final phase in resolving the issue of your airPod scenario not charging. If none of the fixes labored, then you may consider finding a new a single.


AirPods conditions can at times be faulty and normally, any of the fixes described over will aid get your AirPods case again to operating problems in document times. 

Remember to thoroughly clean your AirPods case and ports frequently with a comfortable lint-totally free fabric or a new toothbrush to make sure it is dirt-free of charge and operates very well. 

Check out to prevent squeezing your cables to assure the wires don’t snap within. Consult pros immediately after attempting out the guidelines.

Have you ever experienced your AirPod circumstance not charging? Did you use any of the recommendations advised previously mentioned? Use the remark segment to explain to us how you solved the problem.