9 Best Peloton Alternative for Indoor Workout in 2021

Staying fit doesn’t always need to be in the gym. With the right fitness trackers app, anyone can reach fitness goals even from home. Peloton is one such health & fitness app where you can stream workouts for both indoors and outdoors. The fitness freaks can discover fitness classes and reach their goals at home or outside. Peloton covers everything from cycling, yoga, HIIT, stretching, meditation, walking, and more. Above all, it allows you to workout with music inspired for you. Users will get real-time motivations from world-class instructors. Without any doubt, Peloton turns any space into your private fitness studio. However, Peloton seems to be costly or not user-friendly at times. In such a scenario, you shall look for better replacements. Fortunately, there are many Peloton alternative apps, and this section has got you covered the same.

Peloton Alternatives

Take a look at the Peloton app alternative apps that you can choose from the section below. They are all multi-platform app and works on Android, iOS, smart TV, wearables, online, etc.


  • It has a 7-day trial and costs $15/month.
  • Available for Android

The closest rival of Peloton includes Adaptive. It is all about personalized fitness classes by certified personal trainers. Adaptive gives access to unlimited audio fitness classes by workout anytime, anywhere. It features thousands of workouts under different categories, like running, strength training, stretching, yoga, and more.

Adaptiv - Peloton Alternative

With Adaptive, you will get access to 30 new classes every week. The expert trainers will guide you throughout the workout. Thus, you can achieve your fitness goals with structured weekly and monthly programs.

Fitbit Coach

  • 90-day free trial. Costs $9.99/month or $79.99/year
  • Available for Android | iOS | Windows

Stay fit and in shape with the Fitbit Coach app. It is a dynamic workout app that will help you achieve your fitness goals at home or outside. Fitbit Coach has an adaptive workouts program in 7 to 60 minutes. You can reduce body weight, run, walk, or anything more. It will recommend you with personalized recommendations or a guide.

Fitbit Coach - Peloton Alternative

With Fitbit Coach, you will get video workouts that guide you with step-by-step coaching, motivation, tips, etc. It adds hundreds of new exercises dedicated to your body.

Echelon Fit

Transform your home into a fitness space with Echelon Fit. It is an all-in-one health and fitness app to reach your goals. Echelon Fit has both live and on-demand classes for cycling, running, yoga, strength training, etc. You can track your performance, beat your previous performance, and view the global community of leaderboard updates.

Echelon Fit - Peloton Alternative

Choose Fitpass to train yourself with a mix of core, strength, yoga, etc. Get trained by elite instructors at different training levels. Take part in challenges to level up your fitness games.

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  • Costs $39/month (Pay $1495 for Mirror heart rate monitor)
  • Available for Android | iOS

The best Peloton app alternative includes the Mirror app. It is all about live studio classes taught by top instructors every day. Users can even browse the largest on-demand library with 50+ new classes gets added weekly. It gives access to unlimited live and on-demand classes. It includes cardio, yoga, strength, boxing, stretch, etc.


Get motivated with the real-time instructions by expert trainers. It supports users to access curated music, playlists, etc. With Mirror, you can track your workout progress like calories burned and target heart rate zones.

Daily Burn

  • 30-day free trial. Costs $14.95/month
  • Available for Android | iOS

Get the best of home fitness and training with Daily Burn. It is a Peloton Alternative app with which you can start training or workouts. With Daily Burn, you can lose weight, calories, tone your body, gain muscles or strength. The workout programs include HIIT, cardio, meditation, yoga, dumbbell strength, and more.

Daily Burn - Peloton Alternative

The are dozens of home workouts, and you can reach your fitness goals. It works for beginners to advanced and anywhere intermediated. Daily Burn creates a personalized workout routine, and you can track your progress.

iFit Coach

  • 30-day free trial. Costs $180/year
  • Available for Android | iOS

Working out from home is all the way fun with iFit Coach. It is a Peloton alternative with which you can access thousands of at-home workouts. It includes cardio, HIIT, yoga, strength training, abs, indoor cycling, etc. iFit Coach doesn’t require any fitness equipment. You can work out with more than hundreds of worlds of trainers.


iFit Coach has endless workout programs, and you can choose training types based on mood and motivation. You can view real-time stats and detailed summaries with the iFit Coach app.

The Sculpt Society

  • 14-day free trial. Costs $99/year
  • Available for Android | iOS

The best Peloton alternative includes The Sculpt Society. It is a dance cardio and sculpting workout app to take control of your fitness routine. This app is a go-to total body workout to exercise your way. In addition to Sculpt and dance cardio, you can access programs like yoga, HIIT, meditation, etc.

The Sculpt Society

It features a vast library of workouts from 5 to 50 minutes of duration. The Sculpt Society adds new videos and live workouts every week. It supports downloading any videos for offline viewing and training.

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills On Demand is another Peloton alternative to start working out from home. It covers workout sessions like HIIT, core, strength cardio, flexibility classes, etc. There are 12 different fitness programs available, and you can access them without any limits. Les Mills On Demand provides classes from 30 to 55 minutes, and you can choose the one that fits your schedule.

LES MILLS On Demand - Peloton Alternative

With unbeatable fitness music, you can work out while listening to top tunes. New releases get added every week, and you will have something new to work out.

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  • Free. Costs $2.99/month
  • Available for Android | iOS

Get customized workout plans with Sworkit, a Peloton alternative. It is the best personal trainer with which you achieve your fitness goal. Sworkit is a daily workout app to lose weight, gain muscle, weight maintenance, and more. With Sworkit, reaching your fitness goals is made faster yet in a convenient way.


Working out on Sworkit is simple, and you will be dealing with an innovative experience. Choose from more than 400 unique workouts and 800+ exercises. It delivers personalized workout time with recommended workout plans.

Those were all the top Peloton alternative apps we found for you. You shall choose based on your workout routine. We hope it was a useful article. In case you have any queries, ask us in the comment box.