7 of the Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made Renting Apartments (and How to Avoid Them)

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The common rule of thumb is to devote less than 30% of your earnings on lease, but that’s not often real looking, specifically if you really do not make a great deal dollars and you live in a substantial-cost-of-living location. Normally in all those instances, renters are shelling out closer to 50%, and they genuinely have to extend just about every greenback to make it get the job done.

With just one of my initial residences, I used about 60% of my paycheck on lease, which was… not wise. Economically talking, I wasn’t generating more than enough revenue to justify residing on my own, and I was in denial about it (“Roommates? No thanks!”), which led to a delusional grocery price range that didn’t account for how frequently I bought takeout. I also did not account for unforeseen fees, like needing new dresses for perform, or a transit move price tag hike. Inside of a year, I remaining for a cheaper (and considerably, significantly lesser) apartment.