Top 5 Netflix Tips and Tricks for Better Experience in 2022

Netflix Tips and Tricks for Better Experience

Do you use Netflix for watching movies and TV shows but are unable to get the most out of the subscription? Here, we present to you the top tips that will make your Netflix experience better, in addition to making less clutter on your computer’s drive. 

At the end of the article, you will be empowered to enjoy your Netflix subscription really well. Go through the tips and tricks below to enjoy watching movies and TV shows on Netflix.

5 Netflix Tips and Tricks for Better Experience

You can always watch Netflix on the web or mobile apps, but if you want to get the most out of your subscription, there are some tricks you can use to improve your viewing experience.

1) Use Mobile Data Cautiously

While you enjoy movies or shows on Netflix mobile app, use the mobile data cautiously because when you stream in HD, a lot of your mobile data is consumed. Else, you will find that you have consumed the entire data limit for the day or month as per your mobile data plan. 

To ensure this, navigate to the Settings of the app > Cellular Data Usage to switch amongst Wi-Fi only, low, medium, high, and unlimited. According to a Netflix rep, the ‘unlimited’ option consumes approximately 1 GB of data every 20 minutes.

The ‘Wi-Fi only’ option prevents you from consuming the entire mobile data by streaming only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is then that you can download anything that you want to watch and later enjoy watching it. 

In this way, you will have your mobile data saved for other important things instead of simply enjoying movies and shows on Netflix. In this way, of course, you will have a better Netflix experience.

2) Keep Less Clutter on Your Computer’s Drive

When you watch movies and shows on Netflix, you access the benefits that streaming services can offer. Before Netflix and other similar platforms, you watched movies by downloading them on your computer which caused a huge clutter on your hard drive. 

Movies are large, and hence, when you download them on your computer, they consume a lot of space, thereby reducing the storage space for other important data. Also, having so many movies on your computer creates a kind of clutter. This, in turn, made watching movies annoying instead of having fun and entertainment. 

Now, with Netflix, you do not have to download movies to watch; instead, stream, as it avoids the clutter that was created earlier. After some time, you will find that your computer disk is full even if you delete movies after watching them. The deleted video files left some spaces occupied in the undesired cache. In this way, watching movies and TV shows on Netflix is great because it means less clutter on your computer’s drive.

3) Watch Movies & TV Shows in HD or UHD

To get the most out of your Netflix subscription, it is advised that you watch the movies and shows in either HD or UHD mode. To do so, you should go to the app’s playback settings menu. 

You can also use this menu to turn off the auto-play feature because this repeats the episodes automatically. Nonetheless, you should first ensure that your Netflix subscription allows for high-definition viewing. 

Next, if you have an Ultra HD TV and have the Netflix Premium plan, you can watch and enjoy shows in UHD movies. You need to enter “4K” or “HDR” into the search bar.

4) Find Movies & Shows that You Want

Undoubtedly, Netflix has much to offer with such an extensive catalog. However, this has a downside too. Finding the movie or show that you want to watch is a challenge from such an extensive catalog. 

A few years back, several websites used Netflix’s public API for sorting movies by rankings. But unfortunately, Netflix revoked its public API in the year 2014, and such websites had to withdraw their service, which was a bit disappointing because, again, finding movies and shows of choice is difficult from such an extensive catalog Netflix. 

Nevertheless, a few third-party websites still exist that can do the job for you. This may be either because these websites have made workarounds or have been provided private API access by Netflix. AllFlicks, InstantWatcher, The Best of Netflix subreddit, and vultures What to Stream Now hub are a few of such websites that you can use to find movies.

5) Open Netflix’s Hidden Categories


As stated above, Netflix has a huge catalog containing a plethora of categories to choose from. However, it only displays a part of its full catalog, making it impossible to search the movies and shows of your choice from its main website or the mobile app. The others are somewhere hidden

To find these hidden categories, there are websites such as What’s On Netflix and that offer their services. With their services, you will gain access to the entire catalog, and all hidden categories of Netflix will be displayed to you. You will be able to find everything from “campy late-night comedies” and “violent crime movies” to “feel-good coming-of-age movies.” 

These websites crack the number codes to find all hidden categories. To access them and more categories, take the number codes found at What’s On Netflix and and plug them in after the URL:

Next, the code for ‘recently added’ (1592210) should be plugged in like this: If you find any difficulty, you can change your profile on TV. 

With this, you get the ‘recently added’ category from where you can select what to watch. Similarly, you can gain access to other specific categories that are hidden in the vast catalog.


Having gone through this article, you can now use these 5 top Netflix tips and tricks to enhance your experience. The best part is, that you avoid messing up your computer’s hard drive in addition to other benefits.