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15 GTA Games in Order: The Definitive Chronological Guide

Sold over 280 million units, it’s been around 21 years of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise. The franchise has offered so many video games and now has millions of fans across the world.

Created by David Jones and Mike Dailly, the GTA series is a blend of action and adventure. The exciting gameplay focuses on an open world where the gamer has to fulfill missions to progress a general story.

Most of the gameplay revolves around shooting, revenge, and driving across buildings. Explore the wonderful GTA games in order and see why this video game franchise is among the top-selling game series of all time. 

Released on October 21, 1969, in Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas, GTA 1 is what began the franchise. Established by DMA Designs, it had simple but tremendous top-down graphics. 

Players can explore the opportunity to find speedy cars, rob people, and criminal activities through this delightful game. 

Apart from the graphics, players can enjoy a captivating set of missions and vehicles in the Victorian style of the finest city, England. The game is full of fun that allows players to get a London experience with its entertainment-filled references.

The new version of Grand Theft Auto gets introduced with plenty of improvements and new supported platforms. It includes Dream Cast and Game Boy Colour along with Windows and PlayStation. 

The mechanics and graphics of the game are featured in the 3D model. Designed by DMA Designs, the game was released on October 22, 1999. Gamers got a chance to try out some new weapons in the new release of GTA 2. 

The game is set with downtown, residential, and industrial. It transports the gamer to a near-future environment with interesting action scenes and fascinating moments. New enemy types make the game more immersive for the players. 

With GTA III (Find out on Steam), players come across a twist in the tale. In this game, Catalina joins Miguel, and before killing Claude, she cuts ties with him, and Claude continues to recover. 

The game story comes to a point of revenge for the players who want to get back for the disloyalty happening in the game. Unlike other GTA games in order, its third version puts the exciting, dark, and cruel world of crime at the fingerprints of players. 

The version introduces players with well-defined missions to seek vengeance and get back at Catalina. With a spectacular soundtrack, a threateningly comic storyline, and world-shattering open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III expresses the open-world genre for GTA lovers.

Talking about GTA games in Order, Vice City is one of the best-selling games in 2002. The game follows Tommy Vercetti after he comes out of prison. The game begins with a typical drug job and the struggle Tommy to make things right. 

Tommy has to go through the Vice City essence and the route full of risk to get his money back. From Cubans, bikers to gangsters and politicians, there is always someone trying to stop Tommy to get what he wants. 

Gamers can enjoy the wide variety of features in this new release of Grand Theft Auto. The version involves the capability to fly into two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles. The game confirms Tommy gets to fly helicopters and small planes while flying to different parts of Vice City for the players who want to jump up into the sky.

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5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – (2004)

The new version of GTA games in order is full of thrills, action, and unfiltered emotion. Rockstar Games brings its major release to the phone with a massive open-world covering San Andreas and other three cities namely, Las Venturas, San Fierro, and Los Santos. 

GTA Games in Order Of Release 1

After going from Liberty City, Carl Johnson 6dedicated time to San Andreas. He is a former gang member who learns about his past and everything that led to the death of his mother, due to which he faces high trouble. 

Carl starts understanding what went wrong and how the police did his job faultily as he attends the funeral. He aims to redress the death and make things correct again.

Released on October 24, 2004, the game was supported on different systems such as OS X, Windows, PlayStation, and more.


  • GTA: San Andreas features high-resolution graphics built mainly for phone devices.
  • The new GTA release features an improved color palette, lighting improvements, and enhanced character models.  
  • It features cloud save support for playing across various mobile devices.
  • For full movement and camera control, the game supports dual analog stick controls.
  • It is combined with immersion tactile effects.


  • Limited buildings and establishments.
  • No alternatives were offered to take out enemies. 

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6. Grand Theft Auto IV -(2008)

GTA IV is set in the Liberty City heart and the hands of Johnny Klebitz. The release of the fourth version marked the new HD era in the world-famous video game franchise.

Johnny, the VP of The Lost Motorcycle Club, a biker gang, better understands the particulars of being a criminal than anyone else. While Johnny waits for the President to get well, the strong-hearted protagonist starts to position himself as a leader.

It is inquisitive to acknowledge if Vic will be successful in growing into a strong figure and building an effective empire or he will die. Along with Lance, Vic’s brother, the game is set for the siblings to take over Vice City. 


  • From the relaxing standards, facing new missions, to directing on the Angels of Death, there is always something to do in GTA IV. 
  • Among various GTA games in order, Grand Theft Auto IV is a unique story filled with action and full of adventure. 
  • Despite unsurpassed graphics, the franchise presented the most detailed version. 
  • It featured the uppermost reliability graphics seen in other GTA games.
  • Featuring the cover system and a new physics engine, GTA IV became famous with TPS games at the time.


  • There are no vehicles that could fly.
  • The graphics are not as good as in other game versions.

7. Grand Theft Auto V -(2013)

A brilliant cast of characters, including Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, GTA V (Find out on Steam) gives a new perspective of the mission. The game was set in Los Santos and offered a new essence to GTA lovers. 

15 Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Games in Order

The actions and personalities of different players allow them to see the ins and outs of the game from various angles. Players aim to understand the role and link each character to play Grand Theft Auto V and earn points. 

Whether it’s about finding the correct vehicles to travel across Los Santos or bringing in henchmen, the game offers unlimited opportunities. From exciting operations to complex heists, gamers get a chance to enjoy different missions with illegal activities, fast cars, and robberies in a charming setting. 


  • GTA V is available globally for PC and PlayStation.
  • The game introduces gameplay and storytelling in new ways as players continually jump in and out of the lives of three main characters.
  • The darkly humorous and the incredible attention to detail take GTA V on modern culture.
  • The version also comes with GTA Online for multiple players.
  • Players rise through the unlawful levels by banding together with other gamers to finish Jobs for purchase properties, character upgrades, and cash.


  • The gameplay lacks fan-favorite side missions and gangs.
  • Access to limited buildings. 

Expansion Packs

8. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 -(1999)

GTA: London 1969 requires the original version of the game to work. It is similar to its base game but improved on one aspect, and that is a multiplayer element. 

This version featured new multiplayer game modes. Along with it, London 1961 offers a new feature named ‘drive-by-mechanic’. It was the first time this feature was introduced in the GTA franchise. 

London 1969 was available on the platforms MS-DOS, Windows, and PlayStation similar to its first expansion. The game lets players enjoy an outbreak of fresh new English-styled vehicles, innovative cutscenes, and the facility to head over to Manchester for a deathmatch. 

Released in March 1999, the game was developed by Rockstar Games Canada. It is one of the two charming expansion packs that contained similar mechanics and had an identical engine like that of the original version.


  • The version introduced the drive-by mechanic to the Grand Theft Auto series for the first time.
  • It involves various new multiplayer modes and expands upon the multiplayer elements. 
  • Players can earn points from any form of action in the game.
  • The game version involves aesthetic elements such as British slang and vehicles.


  • This version was compatible only with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and MS-DOS.
  • The gameplay focuses only on one setting for different levels.

9. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned – (2009)

Set in the same setting as Liberty City, Grand Theft IV: The Lost and Damned offers access to an exciting protagonist. Players get a chance to become a part of an engrossing biker gang and appreciate the slight inclinations that make it all work. 

Among other GTA games in order, GTA IV: The Lost and Damned are renowned to be the creative expansion pack for the GTA IV. Gamers who want to spend more time enjoying Liberty City can participate in minigames like arm wrestling, pool, and much more. 


  • Players can shift through diverse modes while enjoying the fascinating GTA version. 
  • One can appreciate the distinctions of using weapons such as a grenade launcher, pool cue, automatic 9mm, and a shotgun. 
  • Players can involve themselves in the captivating setting by interacting with other game members, hiring henchmen, or carrying out missions. 
  • Excellent graphics make it look like players are walking through a real city.


  • It involves dull story missions.
  • The main story is the less interesting component. 

10. Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony -(2009)

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony is an expanded version of Grand Theft Auto IV. The version added a persuasive story along with different missions to the game. It focuses on another section of the criminal underworld of Liberty City.


  • The game introduces a new set of weapons and vehicles.
  • It adds a little change in respect to gameplay mechanics.
  • The size and diversity of the game map are appreciable.
  • Astounding missions and more layers of height make the game interesting for GTA lovers.


  • The focus of the game is on nightclubs instead of motorbikes.
  • Lack of feature activities. 

Handheld Games

11. Grand Theft Auto Advance – (2004)

The game starts with a tremendous set of Liberty City where the protagonist plans to retire serenely. Compared to various GTA games in order, Auto Advance is the least remarkable game in the series. 

15 Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Games in Order

It is not easy for the players to quit the game and this GTA version turns out to be the start of something superior. The police try to put Vinney murder charges on the player, which makes it difficult to walk through the area. So, the player has no option left except to locate the killer of Vinney and prove innocence. 


  • The game introduces endless possibilities to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Extreme and chaotic action increases the excitement of GTA lovers.
  • The majority of the missions are fresh and new for players.
  • The game places the tools for casual chaos at the fingertips of players.


  • The version was overshadowed probably by the success of the previous GTA version: San Andreas. 
  • Though it is a 3D game; however, it had mainly 2D graphics due to the restrictions of the Game Boy Advance.  

12. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories -(2005)

Liberty City Stories offers an opportunity for the player to complete missions throughout the city. Unlike other GTA games in order, this new version traces Toni Cipriani after he finishes an amusing list of missions. 

Players can fight with other members of mafia families or can become a part of the mob. With streamlined and efficient missions intended with mobile gameplay, this open-world adventure is available on selected Android devices. 

The game mechanics of Liberty City Stories are much better and updated with some innovative elements that came after the unique GTA III. The version was also ported to iOS and Fire OS from 2015 to 2016.


  • The version offers upgraded and high-resolution textures along with character art.
  • It provides complete physical controller support and improved draw distance.
  • Rebalanced controls for touch-based gaming make the gameplay more exciting for GTA lovers.
  • After its primary launch for the PSP, Liberty City Stories was made available to the PS2 for under a year and then for the PS3.  


  • Requires internet connection to access special features of the GTA Liberty City Stories.
  • It is similar to GTA III in terms of graphics.

13. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories -(2006)

Having similar aesthetics, elements, and features like Vice City, GTA Vice City Stories is the last one among 3D Universe games. The key difference between other GTA games in order and Vice City Stories is that the latter one is more polished. 

Vic is a proud man who has a loving family and has spent his time in the army. However, after a bad decision, Vic lost his control over a good life. Now, it is time for him to take things in his hands to survive and grow while walking through Vice City streets. 


  • The game was accessible on PSP, PS2, PS3, and PSN. 
  • Players will love shooting around while playing the game.
  • The tremendous storyline and awesome gameplay boost the player’s experience. 
  • The game involves a plethora of weapons to choose from.


  • The game was not ported to smartphones.
  • Lack establishments to serve better gameplay experience.  

14. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars -(2009)

The journey of revenge begins in this GTA release. In this entertainment-filled GTA version, Huang Lee is the foremost protagonist. He is a member of the Triads gangs of Liberty City and understands how vital it is to do his work and distinguish his position. 

Huang is a ruined rich kid who expects everything to run well, but his trip does not go as planned. After being robbed and left to die, Huang has only one mission. In this version, he will search for honor and take vengeance in the riskiest and bankrupt city. 

When Huang goes to deliver a sword to his uncle Kenny, his father assassinates him. It is time for Huang to get payback for the assassination after getting ensnared during the meeting and bring back the traditional sword that was valuable to his father. 


  • Originally built for portable devices, the game is now available on certain Android devices.
  • The game has an impressive storyline and features addictive mini-games, side-missions, and secreted breakables. 
  • The version possesses highly customizable and upgraded touchscreen controls.
  • It has widescreen resolution provision and is compatible with particular USB controllers and Android Bluetooth.


  • The missions are quite easy to complete.
  • The storyline is not as interesting as other versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What are all the games in the Grand Theft Auto series?

The list of GTA games in order includes GTA 1, GTA: London 1969, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: Auto Advance, GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA: Vice City Stories, GTA IV, GTA: The Lost Damned, GTA: Chinatown Wars, GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony, and GTA V.

(Q) What are the top games among the GTA franchise?

Among the different GTA games, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, GTA: Chinatown Wars, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA: Vice City are considered the best games.

(Q) How much does it cost to get GTA V?

One has to spend around Rs 2k to get Grand Theft Auto V.

(Q) Which GTA game is the most expensive ever made?

Grand Theft Auto IV, which came out in 2008, cost around $100 million. It was among the most expensive games ever produced.


GTA games in order are famous worldwide and have been blessed with some amazing titles. Among the list of wide-ranging games, it is difficult to select which is the best one. All the games in the series introduce new missions, vehicles, an element of surprise, and much more.

The series has gone through back and forth with some less and some most famous releases. GTA lovers are always in wait to get their hands and complete a new mission with the release of the new version. This video game franchise has a tremendous impact on the gaming world.