14 Best PayPal Alternatives for Hassle-Free Online Payment

PayPal is a widely used online payment platform across the globe. It is all that one needs to make hassle-free online transactions. To use it, both the sender and receiver need a PayPal account. As time goes, it now becomes more like a digital wallet. Just like using your regular wallet, you can use PayPal to store your banking and card credentials. The top-most selling points of PayPal are speed, security, and rewards. Recently, most of the e-commerce companies started accepting PayPal as their payment method. And what else do you need? Over the years, it has grown up into a powerful multi-service platform. However, PayPal isn’t the only option to make digital transactions. Some of us want to switch to the PayPal alternatives considering its downsides and uncertain issues it brings. If that is the case, the article will give you glimpses of the best PayPal Alternatives.

Why Do We Need PayPal Alternative?

  • Fee – The main thing we would consider while using a payment method. PayPal charges a high fee for making a transaction. Of course, it depends on what payment model you use. But still, it takes a considerable amount out of your balance.
  • Hold Payments – Without a proper reason, PayPal will hold your payments for a few days to months.
  • Not found in certain regions – Countries like Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, etc., don’t have PayPal. And there are few region-based restrictions too.
  • No Protection for Sellers – Offers less security, especially when selling digital products and services.
  • Freeze Accounts – Without any prior warning, it can freeze your account for a really long time, like up to 6 months.
  • Long Turn Around Time – The amount debited can take 3-6 working days to get credited back to your account.

Best PayPal Alternatives

  1. Google Pay
  2. Amazon Pay
  3. Skrill
  4. WePay
  5. Square
  6. Stripe
  7. Payoneer
  8. 2Checkout
  9. Quickbooks
  10. Transferwise
  11. Payline
  12. PaymentCloud
  13. Authorize.Net
  14. Shopify

1. Google Pay

In simple words, Google Pay has become a personal banking system for many. Unlike other payment wallets, Google Pay users can receive money directly from their bank account. It is for this feature; Google Pay is loved by most of us. Yes, it eliminates the concern of receiving the money in your wallet and then transfer it to the bank account. The user interface is also straightforward to learn. It requires linking your bank account details and set the UPI pin. That’s it about using.

Google Pay - Best PayPal Alternatives
Google pay
Google Pay Features
1. Instant transactions to the bank account directly.
2. Best shield to protect yourself.
3. You can transfer UPI-linked apps, not necessarily Google Pay.
4. Direct Bank transfer without Google Pay account.
5. Many virtual payment options like UPI, QR even through mobile numbers.
6. Exciting rewards for payments by scratch cards.
7. Get remainders to make transactions automatically by entering UPI.
8. Vendor payments for your shopping and other stuff.
9. It does offer loans by joining hands with various banks.

2. Amazon Pay

The e-commerce giant in the industry didn’t let the digital wallet zone unexplored. Yes, they came up with the payment wallet called Amazon Pay. It is a cloud-hosted payment gateway. It was created especially for the shoppers (Login and Pay) and merchants (Pay with Amazon). You can make payments to anyone, including the E-commerce players like Swiggy or BookMyShow, etc., via Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay Features
1. The UI is so familiar, and the experience is so easy.
2. Payments are more safe and secured.
3. Exciting cashback offers and various other deals and discounts that you could use to shop.
4. You can tie it up and use it with the local vendors. Simultaneously, you can also use to pay on various other sites.
5. All the amount gets transferred to the Amazon wallet. You can also transfer them to banks if needed.
6. This app is free to use. Yet, it completely depends on the vendors.
7. Moreover, there are no hidden charges.
8. Merchant web integration, Inline checkout, Automatic payments.

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3. Skrill

The next best PayPal alternative includes Skrill. It was launched to enhance modern business transactions and facilitate customers. Skrill was launched in 2001, and until now, it serves its purpose the best around the world. Simultaneously, it gives frequent updates and facilities. The payment processing with Skrill is so simple. Moreover, the payment modes include cash, card, and even Email transfers.

Skrill - Best PayPal Alternatives
Skrill Features
1. There are lots of payment options, and those are so exciting.
2. The Security tools include fraud protection tools, data tokenization. And two-factor authentication, POS verification, PCI compliance.
3. It does support the transfer of international currencies.
4. Real-time payments, and it does support real-time payments.
5. You can integrate your bank account and various e-commerce accounts as well.
6. The TAT is very small, and there is even an option for manual payment entries.
7. It allows you to charge for recurring payments and billing.
8. The performance and reliability of the app are so unique.

4. WePay

For those who are looking for optimal payment solutions, WePay is your go-to option. Like others, this is also another online payment gateway. It integrates with various platforms to ensure security and provide an end-end user experience. The UI is designed to satisfy the unique needs of various businesses. The advanced risk aversion tools are the pulling point to use this wallet.

WePay - Best PayPal Alternatives
WePay Features
1. Integrated payments as it is compatible with both Amazon and Apple Pay.
2. Like Google pay, you can do a direct bank transfer.
3. It comes with high-level PCI security along with tokenization.
4. Easy account provisioning and fund settlements.
5. Instant Onboarding and the Mobile point of sale.
6. Risk API, transaction-level reporting, and custom UX is some other interesting push factor.
7. The pricing model is completely quote based.
8. The vendor could offer Email, live supports to the customers

5. Square

It is a point of Sales application that comes next on the list of best PayPal alternatives. The Square app comes with a magstripe reader that allows you to read the debit and credit. It, in turn, will help to make the payments on the go. The square is a simple yet so powerful app with a mind-blowing UI. By the way, you will be charged based on the transaction, i.e., for every tap and swipe, you will be charged.

Square - Best PayPal Alternatives
Square Features
1. Square is compatible with almost all POS devices.
2. Email marketing, and you can share the receipts and statements via Email.
3. You can customize your product simultaneously, and you can get discounts and cashback.
4. Integrated payment system with Square API.
5. Inventory management with real-time inventory.
6. Accurate statistics with reports and analytics.
7. You can get 24*7 support from customer care.
8. Free to download and comes with Employee management tools for payroll purposes.

6. Stripe

Yet another cloud payment platform includes Stripe. It provides an end-to-end solution to various issues regarding online transactions. Especially, this comes with various tools like fraud prevention, revenue management. It is a robust app that will help to drive global business growth. After all, you can integrate with various banking platforms, finance institutions, and regulatory authorities.

Stripe Features
1. You can customize the UI according to your wish and will. From the layout, design to analytics.
2. You do have various payment options like Alipay, American Express, 2CheckOut, Apple Pay, etc.
3. The payment processing is more secured, integrating with Visa, Master Card, etc.
4. There is a preprocessing layer that eliminates transaction latency. Which, in turn, reduces fraud.
5. You can optimize reports with excellent analysis like financial reporting and consolidation.
6. It can also be used to manage multi-currency payments.
7. Clean Canvas with Embedded checkout.
8. Invoice authorization, Payment options, Dispute handling, mobile customer interface, etc.

7. Payoneer

The next best PayPal alternatives include Payoneer. It is a cross-border platform that helps you manage transactions around the globe. By the way, this offers multi-currency transactions. Few transactions are even cost less. With Payoneer, users can expect SWIFT accommodating. So all these will help many users to earn that too with the high-profit margin.

Payoneer Features
1. It does offer global payments and multi-currency transactions.
2. Make bills and statements very easily and quickly.
3. It can integrate with various networks. All the payments are directly transferred to Payoneer’s user account.
4. It also connects and works with various other platforms.
5. Payoneer API lets the users have a safe and secure cross-border transaction.
6. The app does provide support to 35 different languages. Simultaneously they do provide 24*7 customer support.
7. Single and Mass payouts, Escrow payment, funds withdrawal.

8. 2Checkout

It is one of the premier global payment platforms. Yes, 2Checkout allows you to send and receive transfers in various currencies. It does support various payments and transactions, whatever the mode it could be. 2Checkout does provide localized options, and it is available in 211 regions around the globe. It integrates with more than 100 E-commerce sites. The services provided are reliable and trustworthy, as well. Thanks to the advanced security tools.

Checkout 2Checkout Features
1. There are multiple payment methods like Mastercard, Visa, Discover. And also American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, debit card. More importantly, PayPal.
2. More than 15 languages support to provide a localized experience.
3. It could integrate with 100 online shopping carts and invoice tools.
4. It has an Account updater, recurring payments, and billing options.
5. The subscription plans are quote-based. It has no hidden charges.
6. It supports 87 different currencies.
7. The security tool includes the Level 1 Payment card industry along with Data Security standards.
8. Customized checkout options like Standard and Inline.

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9. Quickbooks

It is like a more comprehensive accounting and invoicing tool along with digital wallets. Quickbooks is absolutely based on the cloud-accounting. It mainly supports various small businesses and vendors. The software comes with both an online and an on-premise version of its software. Overall this supports businesses to receive payments and clear their accounts on and off. It is indeed the best PayPal alternatives.

Quickbooks Features
1. The cloud accounting feature is something unique that will help you to stay organized with your accounts.
2. You can create customized invoices, sales receipts, and even estimates.
3. You can integrate this software with various online banking for transactions.
4. Quickbooks can give you various accounting reports along with balance sheets and cash flow statements.
5. It does offer multiple users and mobile platform support.
6. It could also track your income and expenses.
7. The User interface is so attractive, along with free trial features.
8. Overall, it does provide 24*7 customer support, and it is secured.

10. Transferwise

The next best on the list of best PayPal alternatives is Tranferwise. It is for those who are looking for an efficient way to do overseas transactions. You could get the mid-market rate, i.e., real rate, without any hidden fees or charges. It works by transferring money to the various bank accounts, which are borderless based on the current conversion range. You can do transactions based on major currencies.

Transferwise - Best PayPal Alternatives
Transferwise Features
1. The transfers are based on bank accounts, SWIFT, SEPA direct debit, IDEAL, SOFORT, etc.
2. The transaction platforms include Apple Pay, Android Pay, and credit cards.
3. TAT depends on the country you transfer to and the mode of payment.
4. Simple and easy transfers to bank accounts, even for large amounts.
5. This comes with low exchange rates, and the transfer is also so quick.
6. API access to automate your various payments and receipts.
7. Tools to invoice various customers around the world and integration with major invoicing tools.
8. Tracking your history and transparent exchange calculations are other exciting ones.

11. Payline

It is yet another best alternatives for PayPal. Payline is an intuitive payment platform that allows the user to customize the payments according to their payment model. Moreover, this app comes with an anti-fraud model. It will help the uses to access customer data, analyze information and buying habits. Even suspicious behaviors could be monitored.

Payline Features
1. You can make data entries on your mobile easily.
2. Check mistake and card recognition with real-time analysis.
3. Rich data analytics report that covers customer buying habits.
4. Identify customers and let you know the data and information.
5. Automated retry functions and offer a targeted list of payment methods.
6. Anti-fraud module with post-payment alerts, expert fraud mining, and analyze suspicious behavior.
7. It does route your transactions to the best acquiring banks.
8. Moreover, this is so easily implemented and managed. Overall, intuitive.

12. PaymentCloud

Payment Cloud mainly helps you in the secure transactions of various payments done for E-commerce and telemarketing. Simultaneously it takes care of the high-risk businesses too. So high-risk obviously involves credit card transactions. That is the main focus of PaymentCloud. Along with that comes free cost comparison, seamless setup, various fraud prevention tools, and various integrations. It is indeed the best PayPal alternatives.

PaymentCloud Features
1. It supports your import and exports, which means this supports global transactions.
2. You can get credit cards and cheque processing in person, even over the phone.
3. There is PCI compliance that helps you to avoid various transaction risks.
4. It does offer Overdraft cash advances for managing workflows.
5. Data security is quite viable, and it does provide mobile access.
6. Cash transactions, Contactless NFC, Mobile card reader are a few notable features.
7. Electronic receipts and electronic signatures are yet other pulling factors.
8. The payment processing is based on Cryptocurrency, ACH, In-person, debit, and credit cards.

13. Authorize.Net

It provides you with a complex infrastructure that, in turn, provides the necessary security. Authorize.Net makes sure that your transactions are fast and reliable. The online payment system will help you process various transactions, including credit and debit cards, E-cheques. It does carry out automatic transactions and transfer them to the bank account directly.

Authorize.Net Features
1. This is a virtual platform that receives the orders and helps you to process them manually.
2. And it comes with free mobile apps that give strength to mobile-related payment.
3. This does have its own Customer Information Manager.
4. You can tokenize and save a few sensitive payments.
5. PCI DSS compliance for returns and recurring payments.
6. Authorize.Net has some advanced Fraud detection suite.
7. Virtual terminal and batch upload with E-cheque processing.
8. Integrate with various platforms and syncs with Quickbooks.

14. Shopify

With Shopify, you can create your own website for payment purposes. It is like more of an inclusive payment system. Shopify is another cloud-based hosting website. The fees are merely subscription-based and cost $29/month with a 14-days free trial. Another exciting features are it could calculate the shipping charges for each customer. The abandoned cart feature will help you know about the customers who added things to the cart and left without purchasing. It is indeed the best PayPal alternatives.

Shopify Features
1. You can customize the website to your fullest and create your own website and blog.
2. The product inventory and customer data are unlimited.
3. You can also sell the products on new channels like Amazon.
4. It does all popular gateways.
5. Handy and portable POS. So you could take payments anywhere and anytime.
6. Various discount codes and Gift cards.
7. You can integrate Shopify with various social media platforms.
8. Drop shopping, analysis, and reports are a few more exciting features along with Shopify fulfillments.

So that’s it about the best PayPal alternatives. Choose the one that suits your needs. Still having queries? Post in the comment section below. We will get back to you soon.