10 Best Thingiverse Alternatives for 3D Printing

3D printing is one of the greatest inventions in this tech-savvy world. A lot of Fortune 500 companies invested a lot in 3D printing and 3D printers. But platforms like Thingiverse developed 3D drawings that anyone can easily access and download. 3D drawings are developed by the leading designers in the world. Some of the users feel that the Thingiverse is priced more than its worth. Hence, we picked the best Thingiverse alternatives that you can use to download and manage 3D drawings efficiently and economically.

Best Thingiverse Alternatives

Here are the best Thingiverse Alternatives that you could use:

  • MyMiniFactory
  • Cults 3D
  • GrabCAD
  • Repables
  • 3DaGoGo
  • Pinshape
  • CGTrader
  • YouMagine
  • 3DExport
  • TF3D


Best Thingiverse Alternatives

MyMiniFactory is one of the fewest to have 3D models from all departments. You can find thousands of 3D models from cars, toys, jewelry, home decors, and more on the platform. All the designs uploaded to the platform are validated with a standard 3D printer. With that, you will never have printing issues. In MyMiniFactory, you can get both free and paid models. The paid models are starting from $2.20. In the pricing, you will get exciting offers on special occasions like Black Friday and game offers.

Website: MyMiniFactory

Cults 3D

Best Thingiverse Alternatives

Cults 3D is one of the best alternatives for Thingiverse. In Cults 3D, you will get both free and paid designs, but free being the majority. Here, you can find designs and models in almost all the categories like home decors, architecture, gadgets, fashion items, and more. Cults 3D is one of the easiest platforms for submitting your own design and getting approved by the officials. In Cults 3D, you will contest for 3D designs, and the winner will get exciting prizes. The pricing starts from $5 per design.

Website: Cults 3D


Best Thingiverse Alternatives

GrabCAD is the most recommended 3D design platform for design professionals and engineers. The platform has the most number of users, more than 8 million users worldwide. The best thing about GrabCAD is that it has 3D printing software too. You can learn the software and test the designs. On the website, you can find a lot of tutorials on how to use the software. Like Cults 3D, you can share your designs in the community easily. In GrabCAD, the majority of designs are based on automobiles.

Website: GrabCAD



Repables is one of the easiest 3D platforms. In Repables, you can find all the mechanical orientated designs like pistons, bearings, and more. The navigation between the website is so simple that you can search for the 3D designs or upload your designs. All the designs available here are free to download. Like social media, you can create an account and like, share, comment on your views on the design. Repables is not recommended for design professionals.

Website: Repables


Best Thingiverse Alternatives

Based in San Diego, 3DaGoGo is a cloud-based 3D platform. In 3DaGoGo, you can get both free and paid 3D models. The paid ones starting from $2.99. Like MyMiniFactory, 3DaGoGo has designs in all categories like Fashion, Toys, Home Decor, Jewellery, and more. In 3DaGoGo, you can find pop culture elements like Star Wars R2D2, Thor helmet, and more. 3DaGoGo has most car models like F1 cars, Aventador, Corvette, Rally cars, and Hippies van. It is one of the best alternatives for Thingiverse.

Website: 3Dagogo


Thingverse Alternatives

Pinshape is the best 3D design platform to get free designs and models. Most of the designs in the Pinshape are available for free, only are few are paid. You can find designs from categories like Toys, Miniatures, Jewellery, Gadgets, and personalities. Like the Cults 3D, you will get contests and competitions. By joining the Ambassador program, you can upload your designs and will get exciting offers. Pinshape is one of the best alternatives for Thingiverse.

Website: Pinshape



If you want 3D drawings for VR, AR, and gaming purposes, CGTrader is the best choice for you. In CGTrader, there are more than 1million 3D models available. The platform is recommended only for professionals as the designs available here are industrial ones. Besides exploring 3D designs, you can also look for 3D freelancers, 3D jobs, and related things to 3D designs. CGTrader is an all in one platform. For downloads, you can get both free and paid models.

Website: CGTrader



YouMagine is the best Thingiverse alternative for home decors and similar things. In YouMagine, you can find things like a bottle opener, refrigerator rover, toys, and more. All the designs in the platform are ready to print designs, and you can download the design and print it straight away without any changes. By creating an account in YouMagine, you can upload your own 3D designs. Most of the designs in the YouMagine are available for free.

Website: YouMagine


Best Thingiverse Alternatives

In 3DExport, more than 2 million designs are available. It is one of the fewest platforms that sell printed 3D models. You can buy and sell 3D models, textures for CG projects, and more on the platform. In addition to 3D models, you can also get free tutorials for 3D designs, VFX, and CAD tutorials. 3DExport has the rarest of 3D models like cameras, animals, weapons, and more. Like the MyMiniFactory, you can find designs in all categories.

Website: 3DExport



TF3D is the best platform to get free 3D models. The standout thing in TF3D has models and designs from all software like Blender, Maya, FBX, 3ds Max, and more. TF3D also the paid 3D models starting from $6. In TF3D, you can get the most difficult 3D designs like plants, human characters, human organs, and more. It is one of the best alternatives for Thingiverse. If you are a 3D designer, you can upload your designs and get paid from the platform.

Website: TF3D

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These are the best 3D drawing platforms that you can use as an alternative for Thingiverse. Pick the platform that suits your work and requirements. Make your 3D drawings on these best platforms and get your work done. Comment your favorite Thingiverse alternatives in the comments below.